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I-Ching-Hexagram Fifty Nine – Spreading


Lax. Escape. Disperse. Reconcile risks.


In this hexagram (Spreading), its upper trigram is Wood and its lower trigram is Water

The picture of this hexagram (Spreading) is Wood floating on Water.


Water means risks related to water, many worries and anxiety.

Wood which is floating on Water represents a ship.

This ship can help people to cross the river and avoid risks.

Therefore, risks are reconciled.

There are two meanings.

1)     This ship can help to get over risks.

2)     The upper trigram of this hexagram (Spreading) also means Wind which disperses worries and anxiety.  Therefore, this hexagram (Spreading) means doing something to relieve weariness.


In terms of sequence of hexagrams, this hexagram (Spreading) follows Hexagram Fifty Eight Exchange.

Hexagram Fifty Eight Exchange means happiness and joy.

After happiness and joy, one will become slack which is the one of the meanings of this hexagram (Spreading).

Wood floating on water can help people but the direction which the wood is floating towards is unknown.

It is a sign of dispersion.


This hexagram (Spreading) expresses a method which can help a person to get over risks but cannot help to complete a task.

Therefore, one has to pay attention to mind management.

If the mind of soldiers is slack and soldiers are indiscipline, they will lose in wars.

Therefore, the mind has to be regulated.

That’s why Hexagram Sixty Regulation follows this hexagram.


The questioner who has got this hexagram (Spreading) can get over risks.

However, one has to find out how to manage the mind of slack people.


This hexagram (Exchange) is similar to Hexagram Forty Release.

They both state how to solve issues and get over risks but methods and strategies are different.

In Hexagram Forty Release, one can get rid of danger through positive action.

In this hexagram (Exchange), one crosses the river using ships so one solves issues through patience, influence and wisdom.



[Summary of Hexagram Fifty Nine – Spreading]

Everything goes smoothly.

An emperor arrives at an ancestral temple.

It is better to cross the river and be righteous.


When there is an important issue, an emperor goes to an ancestral temple gathering people telling gods the situation.

This can help to rally public support.

It is better to cross the river meaning it is beneficial to adventure.



1st Line

It is the initial stage of dispersion so it is easy to be rescued.

Although one’s talent is insufficient, there are many talents.

They can rescue you like you have got a strong horse.



2nd Line

The world is full of dispersion.

Therefore, people run urgently to escape from disasters.

One is in danger so one cannot help oneself and cannot save the world.

Therefore, one should run to get foreign aids. 

In this case, one can get out of danger.



3rd Line

One escapes and flees.

No regret.


In this hexagram, the situations of 1st line, 2nd line and 3rd line are dangerous.

Only its 3rd line matches up with 6th line of this hexagram (Spreading).

Therefore, this line is the only line which can get help from outsiders to escape from danger.



4th Line

The risks of people have gone.

Good fortune.

Many people have been rescued.

This is something which cannot be understood by common people.



5th Line

Getting out of danger.

It is like a person who has got sick and has recovered after sweating.

An emperor can announce the orders to the world at that moment.

After the danger has gone, the emperor stays.

No fault.


In this hexagram (Spreading), this line is the middle line of the upper trigram and is the Yang line.

This line represents the position of an emperor.

Therefore, this emperor can save the country.


6th Line


There is blood.

Disasters have gone.

There is no anxiety.

No fault.


Trouble times have passed.

Previously, people who fled and ran away have gone back home.

When misfortune reaches the limit, good fortune is at hand.

A spill-blood disaster has been eliminated.

Danger has gone.

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