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I-Ching-Hexagram Fifty Four – Marrying Sister


The youngest sister will get marry.

This is not conformity to the traditional custom.


This hexagram (Marrying Sister) in Chinese Guei Mei means a sister gets marry.

Guei means a female gets marry in ancient time.

Mei means a young girl.

This hexagram (Marrying Sister) is paired up with Hexagram Fifty Three Gradually.

However, the meanings of these two hexagrams are slightly different.

In Hexagram Fifty Three Gradually, a man takes a wife.

In this hexagram (Marrying Sister), a girl marries.

Another difference is that in Hexagram Fifty Three Gradually, things progress gradually.

This is conformity with the traditional custom.

In this hexagram (Marrying Sister), a girl marries a guy quickly after she has fallen in love.

This is not conformity with the traditional custom.


In this hexagram (Marrying Sister), its lower trigram represents the youngest daughter and its upper trigram represents the eldest son.

It is happy internally and active externally.

This is the sign of a girl falling in love with a guy.

They get marry quickly right after they have fallen in love.

They take actions based on emotion but they have not contemplated.

Although they get marry quickly, it is unknown whether they are fortunate and whether their love lasts.


If the questioner has got this hexagram (Marrying Sister), it means marriages and corporative projects can be achieved.

However, the procedures or methods are not conformity with the traditional custom.

Therefore, it is a weak relationship and has the risks of violating law and brining in public opinions in a society.

One should be cautious the relationship may not last long.


If the question is about to go to war, to travel and to take actions, this hexagram (Marrying Sister) means it is bad to do so.

If the question is about business, this hexagram (Marrying Sister) means the business is profitless.

This is because 2nd line, 3rd line, 4th line and 5th line of this hexagram (Marrying Sister) are not at the right position.

That gives the answer, negative.


In terms of sequence of hexagrams, this hexagram (Marrying Sister) is paired up with Hexagram Fifty Three Gradually.

These two hexagrams states marriages and follow Hexagram Fifty One Thunder and Fifty Two Stilling.




[Summary of Hexagram Fifty Four – Marrying Sister]


A daughter will get marry.

It is bad to go to war.

No long-term benefits.


2nd line, 3rd line, 4th line and 5th line of this hexagram (Marrying Sister) are not at the right position.

It is not conformity to the tradition custom when “eldest sister” marries “youngest son” quickly after they have fallen in love.

It goes against the tradition when Yin lines (3rd line and 5th line) are situated above Yang ling (2nd line and 4th line) in this hexagram (Marrying Sister).

Therefore, there is no long-term benefit.

If one asks about marriage, this hexagram (Marrying Sister) means marriages can be actualized.

However, there is no long-term benefit to go to war.


This marriage occurs because of emotion.

However, it is irrational and is not conformity to the traditional custom.

It is unknown whether this relationship can last for a long time and time will show.



1st Line


The sister of a bride is one of dowries.

A lame person is able to walk.

It is good to go to war.


In the ancient time of China, if the sister who is a dowry of the bride gets marry, she can only become a concubine.

She is socially less important.

This is like a lame person who is able to walk but does not walk as fast as other people.

It is good that a concubine can help a lawful wife but there is no big achievement.



2nd Line


A person with amblyopia can see things but it is not clear enough and far enough.

It is better to be quiet and keep low profile.



3rd Line


One is a concubine.

However, she is repatriated due to her misconduct (bad behaviour).

Therefore, she becomes a dowry of a bride.


Originally, her social status is not low.

When she pleases others with smiles all the time, other people perceives her as a despicable person.

This is inappropriate behaviour.



4th Line


A girl has passed the best time for marriage and she is still single.

There is no girl who cannot get marry.

The time is not over.

The time of her marriage is not yet come.

The time will come one day.

If a questioner has got this line through divination, it means one has to wait till the right time has come.




5th Line


A princess will get marry.

The decorations on her grown are not as many as the one on the clothes of the girl who is the princess’s dowry.

Her appearance and her status are noble that the princess does not need decorations to uplift her position.

A full moon will come.

Good fortune.


The princess is a member of the royal family.

Therefore, she is noble which is inexpressible.

Although there many decorations in other girls’ weddings and the weddings are grand, they are incomparable to noble weddings and noble princesses.



6th Line


One has to prepare sacrificial rites and sacrifices but they are unavailable.

A girl carries a bamboo basket to pick vegetables but the bamboo basket is broken.

A guy kills a goat but the goat does not bleeding.

What one has done is not beneficial.


When one prepares for sacrificial rites, there are many obstacles.

Things are not going smoothly.

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