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I-Ching-Hexagram Fifty Five - Plentiful



In a grand manner.

Strike while the iron is hot.


In this hexagram (Plentiful), its upper trigram is Thunder and its lower trigram is Fire.

Thunder can also mean bright and Fire can also mean moving.

If one moves in a bright place, it brings out the best in each one. (Light lights up the place so one moves to a right direction and vice versa)

It (the world) is big and bright.

Therefore, it is plentiful and in a grand manner.

When thunder comes with lighting, it is bold and powerful.

This implies a bold and a powerful person enforces law positively and punishes criminals.

Lighting is quick and shoots at the target a hundred times without a single miss.

This implies a smart person judges correctly every time and settles right from wrong.

Therefore it (the world) is bright and big.


In this hexagram (Plentiful), its upper trigram is Thunder and its lower trigram is Fire.

In Hexagram Twenty One Biting, its upper trigram is Fire and its lower trigram is Thunder

The trigrams of both hexagrams are thundering and lighting at the same time.

In this hexagram (Plentiful), it is bright in order to make it move.

For example, a gentleman settles a legal case with a misdemeanor.

In Hexagram Twenty One Biting, it moves to make it bright.

For example, punishments are applied to help settling a case.

Therefore, these can be applied on the roles in which one eliminates the evil and justifies the good.

They can also be applied on the roles which one makes use of punishments.


When one has got this hexagram, things have to be done obviously and vastly and one must not have many fears.

Things have to be done obviously and it is better to be done at noon.

“Noon” is a metaphor implying it is just, honorable and a high profile.

The decisions and action must be quick in order to seize a right time to do it.

Strike while the iron is hot.

As it is a big project, it has a lot of conditions.

Therefore, one has to prepare for various conditions.


This hexagram (Plentiful) follows Hexagram Fifty Four Marrying Sister.

In Hexagram Fifty Four Marrying Sister, it states a princess will get marry.

This hexagram (Plentiful) states the wedding is grand and abundant.



[Summary of Hexagram Fifty Five – Plentiful]



In a grand manner.

Everything will go smoothly.

The king will come in person.

Don’t worry.

Things are better to be done at noon.


The king comes so that things will be done vastly and obviously.

When it is done at noon, everyone knows.

Otherwise, the best time will pass.

The sun will fall in West.

It is a lunar eclipse after a full moon.

Everything is changed constantly.

So do people and deities.


This hexagram (Plentiful) reminds us to seize the right time.

The right time is the moment at noon.

Strike while the iron is hot.

This requires a smart person who has the power of judgment and swift action which is as quick as lighting and thundering.


1st Line


Meeting a female master who comes to greet.

Although the issue has happened for 10 days, a person comes to help.

Therefore, faults can be avoided and one will be rewarded if one goes forward.

If this issue has happened more than 10 day, there will be disasters.



2nd Line


The sun is covered by clouds, so it is dark that one can see a Dipper in the sky.

The emperor is fatuous and lacks common sense.

If one goes to see the emperor rashly, one will be suspected.

If one influences and reforms the emperor gradually, one’s aspirations can be actualized.

Good fortune.

The sun covered by clouds implies villains hoodwink the emperor.

The emperor doubts because he was hoodwinked.

One can only inspire the emperor with sincerity.



3rd Line


It is darker and darker.

Therefore, one can see small stars while it is at midday.

Ministers are deposed.

The emperor has lost helpers like losing both hands of the emperor.

There is no fault.


Small stars are not as bright as a Dipper.

This shows the sun is covered and blocked severely.

It is getting darker.

Minister has to be responsible for this and step down.



4th Line


The sun is covered and blocked by thick overcast clouds.

It is totally dark at midday.

A Dipper can be seen.

Meeting the master of a darkness period.

Good fortune.


The sun blocked by thick overcast clouds implies the villains hoodwink the emperor.

Current politics are bad and unclear.

Afterwards, one meets an emperor who can recognize the worth of talents.



5th Line


This line is the master of this hexagram (Plentiful).

This can bring in brilliant talents who can manifest their morality.

People congratulate and praise the talents.

Good fortune.



6th Line


One lives in an extremely luxurious house and locks oneself in this house.

Therefore, one isolates from the world outside.

Strangers can peek the one through the door but it is empty.

One has not been seen in 3 years.  Misfortune.


At the beginning, a villain is in power so he is arrogant, eccentric and unsociable.

He firstly lives in an extremely luxurious house to show off.

Then, one isolates oneself by locking oneself in his house and not communicating with others.

People outside the house cannot see him for a long time.

Therefore, one will face disasters after a long time.

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