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I-Ching-Hexagram Fifty Eight – Exchange


To moisten.


Studying with friends.


This hexagram (Exchange) in Chinese, Gui, can also mean Shuo (means Speak in English) and happiness.

This hexagram (2 trigrams of Lake), Hexagram Fifty-One (2 trigrams of Thunder), Hexagram Thirty (2 trigrams of Fire) and Hexagram Twenty Nine (2 trigrams of Water) are called Four Cardinal Trigrams.

Fire and Water represent the direction of South and North.

Thunder and Lake represent the direction of East and West.

Lake is the hexagram of West representing autumn.

In autumn, farmers harvest so it is the festival of happiness.


There are two trigrams of Lake in this hexagram (Exchange).

It represents to moisten, happiness and a youngest daughter.

When upper and lower trigrams of this hexagram (Exchange) are Lake, it also means moistening each other and studying with friends.


Happiness is the power to drive people’s mind.

Happiness can drive people.

Happiness makes people forgetting pains.

Happiness let people taking risks without fear.


This hexagram (Exchange) follows Hexagram Fifty-Seven Wind.

It is because Wind means enter and after one has joined, one will be explained.

Therefore, it is time to Speak (one of the meanings of this hexagram, Exchange).


The questioner who has got this hexagram will get things done smoothly,.

It is better to be righteous and avoid relatively wicked deed.

To give is better than to receive.

One can benefit when one give others favours.



[Summary of Hexagram Fifty Eight – Exchange]


Everything goes smoothly.

It is better to be righteous.


One takes advantage of the path of happiness and give people favours.

People will forget their pains, die for him and take risks.



1st Line


One has calm and happy mind

Treating other happily without hesitation.

Good fortune.


2nd Line


A sincere person is happy.

Good fortune.

No regret.


This line is Yin line but is located at Yang position.

It is not a right position.

In addition, Yin line is on top of this line.

This is a sign of a gentleman pleasing villains.


However, this Yang line is located in the middle of the trigram of this hexagram (Exchange).

One is moderate and credible so one actualizes one’s ambition.

Therefore, no regret.



3rd Line


Go forward to please someone.



One goes inside to please others.

Here, 2nd line of this hexagram (Exchange) means people inside.

This line represents worries and it is not located at the right position as this Yang position has a Yin line.

Yin line of this line is on the top of Yang Line of 2nd line of this hexagram (Exchange).

This represents misfortune.

Therefore, one has gone beyond one’s duty and carelessly pleases others.



4th Line


One contemplates who one should please but cannot make up one’s mind.

One is fair and stays away from unrighteous people.

Then, it is good.


One struggles between angles and evils.

One faces the truth but cannot detach from emotion.

If one is fair, it is good.


5th Line


Believing a successful villain.  Misfortune.


Yang energy is removed by Yin energy.

One takes advantage of his intelligent and is not afraid of villains.

Therefore, one trusts villains and is captivated by them.

This obstructs one’s behaviour.



6th Line


One mainly concentrates on pleasing others.

It is not fair.

It is not just and honorable.


In this line, one asks people to introduce him to others so that one can please many people.

This action is not just and honorable.

This line is the peak of this hexagram (Exchange).

One is toadying so many times.

One should retreat, be quiet and not to please other easily.

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