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I-Ching-Hexagram Eleven, Prospering


A surge of good luck.

To have all one wishes.

Yin and Yang balance.

Everything is in harmony.

The energy of the sky and the energy of the ground are connected.

Referring to seasons, in January, spring is coming. It is warm and flowers are blossoming.

Everything is nurtured and growing.

Referring to relationships, people are communicating very well so they are in harmony.


The picture of this Hexagram Eleven is the energy of the sky descending to the ground meaning the energy of sky and ground are met, mixed and prospering.

On the contrary, if the energy of the ground and the energy of the sky are unmoved, there is a blockage and it becomes the Hexagram Twelve, Clogging.


Referring to the energy of hexagrams, after October (the Hexagram Two, Earth), Yang energy is back for the Hexagram Twenty Four, Returning.

When December (Hexagram, Nineteenth, Arrival) has coming, yang energy is growing.

In January, the energy of Yin and Yang balance.

As that time, the energy of the third line, yang, is coming back.

That is why this Hexagram Eleven, Prospering, also represents spring is coming back.


In this Hexagram Eleven, Prospering, the energy of yin and yang are penetrating through all things without blockages.

Everything is nurtured and growing.

Referring to the relationship among people, they are willing to communicate one another, so they are on the same wavelength.

In this Hexagram Eleven, Prospering, Yan energy (gentlemen) is increasing and Ying energy (villains) is leaving.


This Hexagram Eleven, Prospering is paired with the Hexagram Twelve, Clogging.

The yin energy and yang energy of these two hexagrams are opposite.

The upper trigrams and lower trigrams of these two hexagrams are reversed.

This Hexagram Eleven, Prospering comes after the Hexagram Nine, Smallness Tames and the Hexagram Ten, Walking.

In the Hexagram Nine, Smallness Tames and the Hexagram Ten, Walking, are describing people are gathering.

Then, an emperor is educating talented elites, asking the elites to follow etiquette and manners.

In the Hexagram Eleven, Prospering, everything is perfect reaching the balance.

In the Hexagram Twelve, Clogging, it is declining and the empire is downfallen.


If one gets this Hexagram (Prospering), everything will go smoothly and will in harmony.

It is as good as and as perfect as the spring time.

However, things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.


[Summary of Hexagram Eleven, Prospering]


Yin energy (villains) has gone.

Yang energy (gentlemen) has come.

Good fortune.

Everything goes smoothly.


In the mind, one has the virtue of patience like a gentleman, vigor and morality.

Externally, one has got measures to treat villains and handles everything yieldingly.

Therefore, everything goes smoothly.



1st Line

Yang energy of the 1st line is the beginning of three yang energy of 1st line, 2nd line and 3rd line.

It is the yang energy which is come back quickly first.

It is the one which guides and activates the energy of the same type coming back.

Three yang energies are coming back like uprooting glasses with their interlinked roots.

This is the sign of good fortune if one is going to war.


2nd Line

One is very generous to accept all filthy things, very courageous to cross a river with one’s bare hands, very contemplative without missing points and very selfless without joining a cabal.

One, who is virtuous and knows the doctrine of the mean, is appraised and rewarded.


3rd Line


A flat road has some hidden holes unavoidably.

Villains who have gone will back come someday.

Upholding one’s virtue can avoid any faults.

One needs not worry whether it is believable or not.

One will have a lot of good fortune at the end.


A gentleman who is aware of any risks will be safe in his life all the time.

Birth and Death are cycling so prosperity will not last long.

If one strictly upholds one’s virtue in tough time, one can enjoy prosperity for a long time.


4th Line

One is dancing and calling all friends to surrender, however, one does not have wealth to attract those friends coming to surrender.

If one asks others to follow and surrender, they both beliefs must be the same.

Then, they will come willingly.

It is impossible to warn one telling him or her one’s principles and force him or her to accept.



5th Line


It is a sign of the marriage of a princess who is noble.

A princess marries a duke to appease a duke.

The world will be peaceful.



6th Line


It is the end of prosperity.

Therefore, the country becomes unrest.

The walls of the castle have fallen and the castle is ruined.

The country can be destroyed without being attacked by armies.

The orders of upholding righteousness have been announced but the country is chaotic.

Therefore the country is corrupt.


The best strategy is to focus on rectifying the policies internally, appease the people and rebuild the system.


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