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I-Ching-Hexagram Eight - Joining


To get close.

To compare with something which is difficult to make comparison.

To assist.

To assist a ruler to govern a country.


Hexagram Eight, Joining, consists of 5 yin lines and 1 yang line.

It implies 5 yin lines assist and getting close with 1 yang line.

There are many officers getting close to and assist a ruler.

That is how the meaning of the Hexagram Eight – Joining comes.


It is the unfair relationship like the relationship between a master and a servant.

Many people are getting close with a rich man.

It is like yin follows yang and a young person follows an old person.

A servant pleases a master and a subordinate flatters a superior.

A young guy makes up to an elderly.

A citizen pleases a government officer.


Therefore, one is better being proactive.

It is like an officer, who getting close to and assist a ruler, should do what an officer should do instead of rejecting a request and keep oneself ahead.

Meanwhile, one should remember one’s standpoint all the time.

Never follow a superior’s order which is against one’s principles.

Never to be inordinately proud of one’s ability and then do not condescend to one’s superior.


This Hexagram Eight, Joining, follows the Hexagram Seven, Armies.

They are a pair of hexagrams.


The yang line of the Hexagram Seven, Armies, is in the lower trigram whereas the yang line of the Hexagram Eight, Joining is in the upper trigram.

The yang line of the Hexagram Seven, Armies, represents that a general charges at the head leading armies in the operational level.

The yang line of the Hexagram Eight, Joining, represents that an officer is at a higher position respected and admired by a group of people who are getting close to the officer.


[Summary of Hexagram Eight-Joining]


Good fortune will come if one is getting close and to compare.

If one has this hexagram for the first divination, one can keep doing what is suggested in this divination.

If one feels uneasy seeing others coming and then follows others’ path which is getting close and to compare, one will fail.


This hexagram has a meaning of going forward to get close and to compare.

Therefore, one should be fast, initiative, accepting the order at once.

If one is doing so later than others, one will not be accepted.


1st Line


To get close to and to assist others with sincerity.

Sincerity is like a vase with full of water.

Naturally, a good result will occur at the end.


Although one’s position is not appropriate to get close and to assist others, one is very sincere, proactive and quick.

Therefore, one can touch others with sufficient sincerity and a good result will come at the end.

On the contrary, without enough sincerity, one will fail at the end.


2nd Line

To get close and assist others based on one’s true virtue.

One does not lose one’s standpoint.

To judge everything fairly.

One will succeed at the end.


One will be put in an important position by a superior because of one’s excellence, talent and inner virtue.

Therefore, this inner virtue creates a close relationship with a superior.

One compares one’s inner virtue with others.

However, one does not lose one’s standpoint because one is close to a superior.


3rd Line

Getting close and assisting a wrong person.

Getting close with a person who does not have authority.

One associates with villains so one meets a lot of bad companies.


In this 3rd line, it is a yin line but not a yang line.

This implies there are so many things to worry.

The 3rd line does not match up with the 6th line, so someone is not a right person for one to get close to and to assist.

The 5th line is the right one for others to get close and to assist.

Therefore, in the situation of 3rd line, one is getting close and to assist a wrong person.


4th Line


One is not hindered by internal villains.

One goes out to get close to a talented and wise person and follows a talented superior.

Everything will go smoothly.


4th line is a yin line which residue in a yin position, so it is a right position.

Although 4th line does not match up with the 1st line, it is close to the yang line of 5th line.

Yin gets close to and goes along with yang. Therefore, everything will go smoothly.


One will be a good subordinate and the superior will believe in him or her.


5th Line


This line shows the relationship which is fair, selfless, open and aboveboard.

It is similar to the situation that in the ancient time, when the emperor was hunting, he will not shoot preys which was running towards him. (but he will shoot preys which were running away from him). 

That means he will accept one who runs towards him.  

Therefore one needs not be aware of danger.


The 5th line is the one who others should get close and assist.

Therefore, it is the master who has righteousness and virtue.



6th Line


The 5th line is the master of all lines. 

The first 4 lines get close to the 5th line.

Therefore, the 6th line does not have someone to get close to and to rely on.

It is the sign of bad luck.


There is no one to get close to.

This line cannot get close to the 5th line because it is the line of yin standing outside.

This yin line stays on top of the yang line of 5th line representing yin goes against yang.

This yin line of 6th line does not match up with the yin line of 3rd line.

Therefore, it goes against the rule of getting close and assisting.

It is the sign of bad luck.

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