I Ching 64 Hexagrams
Use Ancient Chinese Wisdom To Shape Your Life

05 Nov 2014  Statements Of 64 Hexagrams Are Being Updated

This page provides the instruction of how to conduct I Ching divination and the statements of 64 Hexagrams.

This is a self help guideline providing a convenient method of manual divination.


Purposes Of This Web Page - I Ching 64 Hexagrams


n   To help readers to connect with heaven and get suggestions or projections from heaven when you really need it.

n   To learn ancient Chinese wisdom which can shape your lives so everyone can stand on his or her own feet.

n   To nurture the positive attitude of solving issues by transforming yourselves.


Before Asking The Question, Check…

If you can settle the problems or issues with other methods, please do not do I Ching Divination.

If you have asked the question of one issue with I Ching Divination once, please do not ask other questions related to the same issue again.


For example, if one tends to change the job and has two jobs offered by two companies, one may ask things about job A and ask things about job B. In this case, one has asked 2 questions of the same issue. 

Another example is that today, one asked a question.  On the next day, one has asked the same question in a different way.  One has also asked the same issue twice.


We encourage readers to learn the wisdom of ancient Chinese so that you can handle any problems yourselves.

Please bear in mind to keep reducing the frequency of asking questions.

This is a training of relying on yourselves to enhance your wisdom.

What Is Your Question?

It is important to think about what you need before proposing a question.

Then, try to ask an open ended question starting with “What”, “How”, “Why”, “When” and “Where”.

This will give you more information or predictions about your issues helping you to make decisions.

Although you can ask a Yes or No question such as “Should I take this job?”, you are the one who is experiencing the consequences caused by the decision. 

You also lose a chance to learn to make decisions and shape your life yourselves.

Therefore, it is better to ask an open ended question instead of a Yes or No question.

Divining Ritual

1.         Choose a quiet place to carry out I Ching divination.

2.         Tranquilize your mind

3.         Ask the question sincerely

4.         Throw two coins 6 times to form the hexagram

l   The hexagram composes of 6 lines.  It counts from the bottom to the top

l   In the hexagram, a split line means Yin

and a solid line means Yang

Two coins of the same face mean the line is Yang whereas two coins of different faces mean the line is Yin. 

Throwing two coins for the first time, 1st line is formed.

Throwing two coins for the second time, 2nd line is formed.

Throwing two coins for the third time, 3rd line is formed.

Throwing two coins for the fourth time, 4th line is formed.

Throwing two coins for the fifth time, 5th line is formed.

Throwing two coins for the sixth time, 6th line is formed.

5.         Throw a dice to define one line of the hexagram for the question

l   Every line represents the stage of the situation in this hexagram.

l  This action is to define the status of the situation specifically.

l   Numbers on a dice are the same as 6 numbers of the lines.  For example, number one of the dice refers to 1st line of the hexagram. Then, the descriptions of 1st line shown in the statement of the hexagram will explain the situation about your question in details.

l   In the statement of each hexagram, there are descriptions about the meaning of each specific line in details. (scroll down to see the hyperlinks of each statement)


6.         Ask “Is this the correct hexagram?”. 

7.         Throw two coins 3 times to confirm this is the correct hexagram. 

l   This is an optional step.  If your mind is not concentrated when doing I Ching divination, it is better to do this step to confirm it is the correct hexagram.

l Two coins of different faces mean “Yes” whereas two coins of the same face mean “No”

l   The answer is positive if you get 3 “Yes”.  Otherwise it is not the correct result.

l   Sometimes, the questioner is not concentrated so this action is to confirm that the chosen hexagram is correct.


Remarks: Please do not pick up a statement of hexagrams using a number of hexagrams drawn from other websites because we do not know how other websites to form a hexagram.

We ask readers to do the divination themselves because as long as you are very sincere, this is the most accurate way to do divination.

Statements Of 64 Hexagrams  

1. Heaven

2. Earth

3. Sprouting

4. Youth


6. Dispute

7. Armies

8. Joining

9. Smallness Tames

10. Walking

11. Prospering

12. Clogging

13. Kindred

14. Great Holdings

15. Humility


17. Following

18. Poison

19. Arrival

20. Beholding

21. Biting

22. Adornment

23. Splitting

24. Returning

25. Innocence

26.Great Restraint

27. Nourishing

28. Great Excess

29. Pit

30. Brilliance

31. Feeling

32. Constancy

33. Withdrawal

34. Great Vigor

35. Advancing

36. Smothered Light

37. Family

38. Estrangement

39. Hindered

40. Releasing

41. Decrease

42. Increase

43. Decisiveness

44. Copulating

45. Collecting

46. Rising

47. Distress

48. Well

49. Reform

50. Cauldron

51. Thunder

52. Stilling

53. Gradually

54. Marrying Sister

55. Plentiful

56. Traveler

57. Wind

58. Exchange

59. Spreading

60. Regulation

61. Confidence Within

62. Small Crossing

63. Already Across

64. Not Yet Across

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