How To Make More Time For Yourself

19 Jun 2016  Posted in Spirituality

I am writing this article for readers who are working in their offices more than 8 hours a day.  Nowadays, it is very common to work overtime in some countries.  Urbanisation and speedy development of technology change consumer’s behaviour and mind.   These indirectly promote micro-culture of working overtime at many workplaces.  In my home town, working overtime has become a popular norm especially in the industries such as shipping, logistics and merchandising.  It is something which can be changed.   The methods are unrelated to enhance working efficiency, stop answering phone calls at certain period of time, etc.  These are the skills anyone can learn from books and workshops.   Here, we talk about practising one law of universe – the Law of Cause and Effect.


The Law of Cause and Effect is about your reap what you sow.  If you hope someone to respect you, you have to respect all people first.   I have read a book describing one case that a couple loved each other so much but they never had time to meet.   The writer of the book suggested “This will be solved when you teach anyone how to make more time for yourself.”.   This was not the methods I was taught when I attended a workshop related to working efficiency.   In past, no one suggested me to do so too.   When I was working more than 9 hours on weekdays for one of my ex-employers, I did try to shorten my working hours by the methods learnt in a workshop mentioned previously and from books.  Therefore, I did not have a chance to testify the method of teaching anyone how to make more time for yourself.  I believe it will work out as Laws of Universe are absolute truths – truths which are effective all the time and in any circumstances.


Another method is accumulation of goodness and merits through e.g.….

Smiling all the time

Keeping smiles on your face all the time promotes positive relationships with others.   When people around you see your smiles, your positive and kindness have been passed to those people.  This also indirectly reduces conflicts with others too.  When I was a youngster studying at school, I did not smile that much.   Faces of some people look like smiling even thought they do not smile.  However, I looked angry when I did not smile.   Therefore, I did not make many friends at schools and was misunderstood by one or two schoolmates.  Now, I break the ice with a smile and I look less hostile when I do not smile – this change comes when our mind transmute and become more kindness.  

Being grateful and modest

When one does not cherish his or her fortunate life, arrogance appears in one’s mind which will become obstacles in one’s life.  I was very good at memorizing words when I was studying in a primary school.  Hence, it was easy for me to get good marks in examinations.  This made me focusing too much on my strengths while I disregarded goodness in others.  This nurtured the attitude of arrogance.  For example, in past, I said something like “I can speak Japanese. I can do that…” to my friends.  This may made others feeling bad if they were unable to do so.   Now, one of my precepts is not to make people feeling bad for what I have said.   Therefore, I become very cautious for I will say.  I may have been contemplating more than once and decide not to tell my friends something.  This precept indirectly cultivates modest mind and kindness toward all livings too.  Eventually, one will see sufferings of all beings and review how much one has got comparing with people whom are suffering in the world.   That is where gratitude comes from.

Learning to endure in any circumstances

It is a virtue to endure criticism.  Criticism encourages us to learn and improve ourselves.  If criticism is unreasonable, it is a chance to practise to be calm and impartial in any situations.  Thus, it will become the foundation of transcending our lives and helps us to increase good fortune after being more virtuous.


I was criticized by my superiors and colleagues in three different work places.  At the beginning, my superiors were telling me my weaknesses. I tried to improve by studying different courses, reading books and then practising those methods.  In my third work place, no criticism came from my superior but colleagues from other teams were venting angry upon me.  Colleagues were dissatisfied with new procedures implemented “through” me so they gave vent to me.  In former and latter cases, I kept my mouth shut and remained silent all the ways.  I thought “it cannot help me to stop this even thought I argue with them.”   This is the only reason I shut up while I was listening to criticism in past.  It was tough experiences but it has cultivated my endurance.   I believe this is a test and enable me to accumulate more good fortune to meet right people and learn right spiritual practices to improve my life.

Donation to publish right scriptures and right books 

There are books and scriptures which enlighten our souls and free us from sufferings.  However, some people may not have money to buy those books.   Donation of publishing books and giving them to others for free will help to develop their inner wisdom.   Then, they will know how to transcend their lives at the right time and walk out of sufferings.  Therefore, it accumulates goodness and merits for ourselves.



You may find some people whom have already done these good deeds but some of these people are still sufferings.  When we carrying out these good deeds, 2 factors must be taken into account:

1)     Right Intention: If we are selfless and carry out good deeds for other’s highest benefits, good fortune and merits will be exemplified.

2)     Number of beneficiaries: The more the beneficiaries due to the good deeds, the more good fortune and merits are accumulated.



Once, much goodness has been accumulated through these good deeds, our right wishes and requests will come true.

For example, a person with goodness and merits is easier to make more time for oneself.  He or she will be guided by different events to change the job in order to work in somewhere else where one is able to have more sparse time.   These “methods” seem much abstract but anyone can be verified them through practice.   Practice is very important.

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