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15 Nov 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

When you have finished reading this article, you will discover this article is not about how to do Meditation.


It becomes the topic of this meditation because it was a question from my friend.

She has heard me saying some benefits I have enjoyed after practicing Meditation daily.

Therefore, she asked “How to do Meditation?”.


I have described my experience of Mediation in my blog posts. 

If you miss them, please read My Meditation Experience Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


I did not answer her question “How to do Meditation?”.

I said “It is difficult to explain how to do Meditation.”

It is good to share something which is spiritually beneficial to anyone.

There are many types of Meditation in the world.

The Meditation which I am practising is very powerful and effective spiritually.

However, there are many karmic issues and obstacles to solve during the Meditation.

I am reluctant to see anyone suffering from a surge of karmic issues because of my sharing.

I am just a student who do not really sure how to solve karmic issues.

I will regret if I do share the methods of practising different Meditation in this case.

Therefore, I said that it was difficult to explain…


Actually, I have karmic issues not only for practising Meditation learnt in June 2015 but also other types of Meditation I have learnt afterwards.

I believe when one understand spiritual rules and can communicate with orbs from other dimensions, one will face more karmic issues and obstacles during Meditation.  Not everyone will have the similar issues as I did after practising Meditation.


What are criterions if anyone tends to practice Meditation?


1)     Teacher


The teacher shall have deep knowledge of spirituality and shall be virtuous.

It is because he or she will be the one who has experienced to solve any issues related to Meditation.

He or she will teach the students based on their needs and conditions so the methods will be effective and beneficial to the students.


I understand there are a few people having a sound condition to meet and to be guided by virtuous teachers.

If one is practicing Meditation independently without a teacher, one shall be responsible for one’s actions and decisions.

One also needs to be spiritually smart to solve many issues without teachers’ guidance.

Remember, it is your choice to do Meditation without a teacher.

If there are any accidents, you are principle cause of the accidents.


I have two teachers whom can teach me to solve issues happening during Meditation.

I have not asked them for help when I have problems about Mediation.

I discover that I always learnt more and tackled problems smoothly by myself in past.

On the contrary, I rarely got an effective solution from others.

I mean I do not have sufficient conditions to get effective solutions from others. (That is my problem, not their problems.)

Therefore, I study how to solve problems myself including issues of Meditation.

I understand it is very risky to solve any spiritual issues myself.

I am just lucky to receive solutions unexpectedly after I have problems.  



2)     Attitude


People who practise Mediation constantly have chances to contact and see beings from other dimensions.

If one does Meditation for psychic power, one will be lost.

If one does Meditation for love and kindness, one will be helped.

The most important advice for any Meditation practitioners is not to be greedy.

Your attitude will affect the effectiveness of Mediation.



3)     Religion


I have written points related to Meditation and Religion in my blog post – My Meditation Experience.

I have been practising Meditation since end of Jun 2015.

It is getter more and more obvious that Religion is crucial for a Meditation Practitioner.

When I am practising Mediation, I have to study to find out the cause of problems and solutions.

They (God / Divine) know the cause of problems and they will give right tools to help unexpectedly.

These tools usually come from others and then, the problems will be solved.


We never know what one has seen are the truths or illusions.

Illusions also occur during Meditation and one may not know who create those illusions.

If one believes in those illusions, one’s mind will be easier to be ruined.

They (God/ Divine) show you the truths and one will be protected during Meditation.

This is the other reason why it is important to get support from them (God/ Divine).



4)     Merits and Virtues


Are all Meditation practitioners helped by God and Divine?  I don’t know…..

Based on my experience, I have got their assistance firstly because I am cultivating my mind and my behaviour.

Secondly, it is because part of my karmic issues is eliminated and my merits are being accumulated.

Eventually, I feel myself more accessible to them (God/ Divine).

Recently, there is a voice guiding me during my Meditation twice.

Karmic issues indirectly affect the effectiveness of Meditation.

Therefore, if one tends to learn Meditation, one is better to practice how to cultivate one’s mind and accumulate merits.





There is no definite answer whether one shall practise Meditation now or not.

If one tends to learn Meditation, one is better to have a virtuous teacher to teach Meditation and solve issues related to Meditation.

One needs to detach from greedy when practising Meditation.

To protect oneself during Mediation, one is better to be supported by God and divines they trust.

Finally, one constantly cultivates one’s mind and carries out good deeds to accumulate Merits.

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