How To See Spiritual Paths?

20 Sep 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

In my last post, I wrote that modern people usually have highly developed Left Brains but Right Brains are under developed.  Therefore, the perception of “I” and “ego” are very strong when Left Brains are dominant and people have questions in finding spiritual paths which are right for them.  Left Brain Perception is called a principle cause.


In our lives, we have involved in incidents.  People react mainly in 3 ways.

1)     Some choose to ignore incidents. 

2)     Some choose to perceive them with their values and beliefs. 

3)     Some choose to study it in different perspectives and find out the causes of the incidents. 

People of the third type usually improve their lives through finding out the spiritual causes of the incidents.

They will discover the right spiritual paths eventually or suddenly because….


They will understand themselves and

see Karma in different aspects of our lives.


They learn the spiritual meaning behind each incident and go to the right way.

They study incidents of bad Karma and transmute their lives by different means.


We are mostly living in the Mixture of Good and Bad Karma.

If we are calm and cease the values of “I” or “ego, we are not easily be affected by Bad Karma.

Calmness of our mind is to live in now.

It is a type of spiritual practice of Zen in Buddhism

When we have lunch or dinner, we stop speaking.

We do one thing at one time.

When we eat, we focus on eating.

When we chew, we focus on chewing.

When we taste, we focus on tasting

This is to train our mind to stop wandering thoughts and live in now.

Calmness of our mind is not to care about what have happened on us.

Calmness of our mind helps us to see the principle cause of an incident which belongs to Bad Karma or Good Karma.

However, it is difficult to drop all wandering thoughts and not to care about when have happened on us.

Therefore, it is very challenging to keep our mind focus in now while involving in bad incidents (Bad Karma) such as arguments, poverty and misfortune and in good incidents (Good Karma).  Because of this, people forget who they are and disregard the meanings behind incidents.  Some people will stay at the same level of their lives spiritually and did not know what to do to ascend.


Most people ignore bad incidents or try to solve the problems with ineffective methods.

It is important to behold incidents in our lives….


Once I ignored my back pain.

I ignored my back pain because I was busy working every day and did not bother to book an appointment with a doctor.

I did not go to see a doctor until I was so painful that I almost could not walk.

By that time, I went to see a doctor who told me that some bones of my spine slightly slipped out of places.

I did not realize some bones of my spine slightly slipped out of places.

Because of my ignorance in past, I was suffering from the back pain for 3 years.

If I learnt to behold this incident, I would have recovered sooner.


It is also important to solve problems through effective methods…


Effectiveness is more important than righteousness (hyperlink NLP)


If we insist to practise a method which is ineffective based on the value of “I” or “ego”, the situation will not be changed.


1.5 years ago, I was introduced to learn Zhineng Qi Gong.

I did not go for it because I have learnt 2 types of Qi Gong.

I was not interested in learn one more type of Qi Gong.

I also misunderstood Zhineng Qi Gong was a technique to transfer Qi from a practitioner.

My first Qi Gong master said that we should not transfer Qi originated from our body to other people.

Therefore, I did not learn Zhineng Qi Gong.

In fact, Zhineng Qi Gong is something different from what I assumed.

I have found out Zhineng Qi Gong helps us to absorb Qi from the nature after 1.5 years.

I am healthier after I have been practising Zhineng Qi Gong. 

This improvement of my health is much greater than the time after I have practiced 2 other types of Qi Gong I learnt previously.


I am not stating those 2 types of Qi Gong and Zhineng Qi Gong were good or bad. 

I am expressing that the conditions of every one are unique in different stage of life. 

If the solution is effective on your body, it means it is right for you at the moment.

If the solution is ineffective on your body, it means it is not right for you at the moment.

There is no righteousness in every solution or method.

It is important to practise a method which is effective.




To spot a right spiritual path, we need a calm mind and behold incidents.

It is like audiences who are watching a movie in front of the monitor.

They are never acting in the movie.

They know the storyline of every character in the movie.

The main point is that your mind does not care about what happen on you and you observe incidents and learn humbly.

It is a way to learn the lesson of our life.

It is a way to cultivate our mind.

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