How To Learn Part Two

04 Oct 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

To study scriptures and spirituality, the information has to be “right”.

The spiritual information can be proved to be “right” through “Hearing”, “Pondering”, “Cultivating” and “Verifying”.

Do not trust anyone including me who provides spiritual information.


“It does not mean that one shall deny and reject all spiritual information blindly.”

“The core attitude of learning spirituality is to verify all spiritual information we have perceived.”

Perceptual models generate incomplete pictures of the world as explained in my previous post.

Therefore, it is important to go through the process of “Hearing”, “Pondering”, “Cultivating” and “Verifying”.

I was told it helps to choose the spiritual teacher who is right for me.

It helps me to identity right spiritual information provided by someone.

It helps me to choose a right person from whom I learn the meaning of scriptures.

It can be applied on learning knowledge in our daily lives.



Because technology is developed quickly, distribution of knowledge and information are much faster nowadays.

Spiritual books, videos and courses are abundant in cities.

It is a learner’s responsible to distinguish and select spiritual information which are right for him or her.

Based on my observation, I have spotted the following situations from my surroundings:


#   Wandering again and again to find a right spiritual guide.

#   Staying at the same level spiritually for years.

#   Having conditions to ascend and then go back to the same place after a spiritual trial.


If one endeavors to learn and go through the process of “Hearing”, “Pondering”, “Cultivating” and “Verifying”, one will have a break through at a right time.


Besides this process, there are other methods of learning.



When we learn, we need to be humble and learn through the following five steps every time.


Learn: keeping our mind empty like a white paper and beholding a subject in details.

Know: knowing there is a subject in the world - it is a stage of collecting all data about a subject.

Understand: learning and knowing a subject. Then, practising in order to understand what it is.

Enlighten: investigating and studying a subject deeply.

Excel: going beyond the previous 4 levels and creating a new subject.


In each steps, it is required to learn a subject through 5 senses – hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching if we go further.

A teacher said that some people will skip steps when they learn.

Some people thought they understood a subject when they learnt and knew a subject only.

These 5 steps guide our mind to learn and perceive a more complete picture of a subject too.



In 2014, I was invited to join classes of Tibetan Debate.

The teacher told me that it could enlighten us through debating in a certain way.

It is a method to study the truths and to find out our blind spots of daily life for me.

I have not joined the classes now but I believe it will work out when I am more available to learn.



I have been questioning myself when learning the truths.

The proper answers will be shown in my mind, in the internet and in books from book stores and libraries.

Sometimes, my mind recalled a conservation of a video to answer my questions.

Sometimes, my mind showed me a picture of a word in a book at home.


The whole mental process is


1)     A question about the truths appears in my mind randomly.

2)     I ask myself the definitions or the reasons related to the truths.

3)     I leave the question behind for a while.

4)     When I have inspiration, I will read information from the internet, books and videos.


A tranquilized mind will help to find out the answer quickly.

It is an intuitive way to learn and get an answer from super-conscious mind.



In Jun 2015, I joined 2 classes about how to cultivate spiritually and how to mediate. 

When I was learning in 2 classes, the teacher did not give us notes.

She asked us to take a notebook and a pen to write down what we had learnt in the classes.

She said it was an effective way to learn by writing.

I understood her point of view when my thinking was clearer after writing blogs for a year.





To cultivate our mind and to be on cultivation is to learn how to learn effectively.

I have heard more than one spiritual master saying these.

I recalled my life of being a student learning at schools.

I was never taught the skills mentioned previous in a school or a university.

I learn all of these since I have been on cultivation and refining my mind.

It seems these skills can develop Inner Wisdom.

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