How To Learn Part One

02 Oct 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

Learning through an effective method can uncover our intelligent and improve our lives.

The first method I was introduced is Hearing, Pondering, Cultivating & Verifying.

I learnt Hearing, Pondering, Cultivating & Verifying from a book by Ajahn Chah.

This is a kind of a spiritual practice to learn the truths and enlighten us.


Firstly, it is important to learn “right” information and knowledge.

“Right” information and knowledge can be identified by Hearing, Pondering, Cultivating & Verifying.


A topic is perceived by reading and listening. [Hearing]

In order to understand the topic, it is evaluated to confirm it is right information. [Pondering]

Data related to the topic is collected to understand more about it. [Pondering]

The theories and methods related to a topic are practiced. [Cultivating]

A topic is being verified after practising. [Verifying]


Throughout this process, I have realized that “Right” information is related to compassion and can tranquilize my mind.

It is important to go through this process when we learn new things and verify their effectiveness ourselves.


What learning by Hearing, Pondering, Cultivating & Verifying?

Perceiving through 5 senses provide an incomplete picture.

Therefore, learning by Hearing, Pondering, Cultivating & Verifying can make this picture more complete.


Life experience is created by five senses – sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings.

These senses are perceived by five sensors of eyes, ears, noses, tongues and bodies.

The messages of senses are stored into mind.

When experience appears in mind, the related senses, feelings and memories will be retrieved.

Five sensors are operated by mostly sub-conscious mind and rarely conscious mind.

Sub-conscious mind forms perceptual models based on messages of senses perceived to enable us to response quickly.

These perceptual models control one’s behavioural patterns.

These perceptual models become set patterns of thinking.

The operation of five sensors is subjective - in every minute, we operate five sensors to learn selectively.

For example, we listen to someone in a meeting or we search a face in a crowd.

Therefore, people have an incomplete picture of the world in mind.



Seeing is believing?


Beliefs and values are formed based on perception.

One may listen to a conservation of a person and generate an assumption about this person based on one’s beliefs and values.

Because it is the speculation of a creator about this person, it may be true or false.

If one did not verify the assumption with this person, this assumption (perception) would have created conflicts in future.

Conflicts come quickly when he or she totally believes in his or her assumptions and controls others.


If one generates an assumption about a kind of knowledge, the effectiveness of the knowledge may not be expressed fully.

Verifying what we have learnt about a subject can deepen our knowledge.

Constantly learning through Hearing, Pondering, Cultivating & Verifying can improve our lives and become smarter.


How to improve our lives with this practice?


n   Think of an issue (e.g. you run a workshop for one day) which has the worst results.

n   Keep hearing and pondering of this issue constantly – this process may last for a year or more.

n   Note: The main point in this step is to find out “unknown” things leading to this result

n   Behold what have happened in your daily life

n   After a period of time, answers will appear.

n   Verification shall be carried out to prove they are the right answers.


When the causes are known, it is easier to “hear”, “ponder”, “cultivate” and “verify” methods to solve the problem and improve our lives.




I was discussing the spiritual practice of Hearing, Pondering Cultivating & Verifying.

Then, I was told one was taught to know how to verify and proof a subject at a school.

It was a school run by Catholic clergymen.

I was surprised because this practice did not come from Catholic but it was taught by clergymen.

This practice can be applied in education system and in our daily lives too.


A unique world is formed in one’s mind though perceived messages from his or her five sensors.

The reality lives in mind only.  Everything is energy.

All books we read, people we talk to and ourselves are energy and not substances.

We are totally cheated by our five sensors.

The spiritual practice of Hearing, Pondering Cultivating & Verifying is a method to realize this point.

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Spirituality and Hearing, Pondering, Cultivating & Verifying.




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