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2 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

Fast pace of life tenses up our mind.  When we are tense for a long period of time, we may have insomnia.

People experiencing dramatic changes such as divorces, death of family members and loved ones, quarrelling, etc., may be unable to fall asleep quickly because their mind keeps thinking about unhappy events. 

Insomnia tremendously deteriorates our health so please do not leave it behind.


In Taoism, any kind of diseases will be cured if one can wake up early in the morning.

For example, waking up when sun rises and sleeping when sun set.

This was feasible in ancient time.  Now, our life is different from ancient people.

We provide the following methods which may help you to fall asleep fast.


Running, swimming, hiking, bicycling, any athletic sports take much energy away from our bodies. 

After exercising for hours, we usually feel exhausted and fall into sleep quickly at night to replenish energy.

Exercise is an effective method to cure insomnia naturally for someone who is healthy and full of energy.


If you are weak, you are running out of energy in your body.

In this case, it is better not to exercise as the body needs energy to heal itself.

In past, I personally became weak for years and did not want to move at all.

My energy went out quickly even though I was walking around outside for a few hours.

My body could not afford to do exercise at all. 

It is better to stop all exercises which take much energy away for someone who is weak. 

Hot Spring or Hot Bath With Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Bathing in a hot spring increases the circulation of blood.  

Absorption of minerals from the water of hot spring may make you falling asleep quickly.

Taking a hot bath with a few drops of organic lavender essential oil can also help you relax. Lavender essential oil can relax mind and body.  

Therefore, you will fall asleep quickly.


If you don’t have a bath tube, you can bath your both feet only.

Use a big bucket, pour some hot water into it and then put a few drops of organic lavender essential oil into it.

Then, put your feet into the bucket.  Since the oil will be absorbed and penetrate into your blood through your skin, you will feel relax too.

Hence, this helps you to cure insomnia.

Sound of Theta or Delta Waves

Our body will be relaxed after listening to music which is the sound of theta and delta waves.

Because theta or delta waves can tranquilize our brain, our mind will be calm and then we fall asleep quickly.

This kind of music must be theta or delta waves only. 

Otherwise, it may be less effective on some people.

Qi Gong

Doing Qi Gong enable us to focus on one activity, therefore we will calm down and relax quickly.

It also increases the circulation of our subtle energy throughout our body. 

We will feel warm, hot and will be sweating when practising Qi Gong. 

This is similar to the situation after doing hours of exercise.

Practising Qi Gong at night can make you fall asleep quickly too.

Zen Meditation And “Movement” Meditation

Practising Zen mediation helps to relax your body quickly because you will be concentrating on one activity.

Tea ceremony, incense ceremony, drawing, calligraphy to certain extent is a kind of meditation.

If you are interested in these activities, do them more often.

They may cure insomnia.

Self Deep Communication

Due to arguments and recalling unhappy memories, you may be unable to fall asleep quickly.

If you can find out the true reason of attaching these memories, you will be free and fall asleep quickly.

Self Deep Communication can enable you to find out the past memory which triggers your arguments and unhappiness.

You can learn more about it from my previous post.



The solution for people who has insomnia is serenity, relaxation and detach from emotion.

Whatever you do to cure insomnia, solve your personal issues firstly. 

Sickness is all about our attitude and our mind.

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