How To Fall Asleep Fast Part 2     

26 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

After publishing the first article of How To Fall Asleep Fast, I woke up at mid night i.e. 4am or 6 am and slept again recently.

My physical body is adjusting to the recent changes of my career life, spiritual practices, my website blog and seasons.

Besides these changes, I am working hard in learning every lesson of Tibetan debates in shorter duration.

The level of stress is increasing influencing the quality of sleep this week.

Last night, I have figured out another way to make myself fall asleep quickly.

Here, I share the skill and explain a bit about the causes and the consequences of insomnia.

The methods mentioned in my first article of How To Fall Asleep Fast are effective.

The need of everyone is unique. 

Just pick the method which is the most effective for you.

Autosuggestion And Visualisation

This method consists of a posture of doing Qi Gong when sleeping, autosuggestion and visualization.

Here are steps when you want to fall asleep fast:


l   Lie down straight on your back and toes of two foot pointing a ceiling

l   Elbows on a bed with two hands up

l   Say “relax the whole body, relax all muscles” in your mind

l   Visualize your body, muscles, blood vessels, organs are relaxing just like watching a 3-D moving x-ray film.

l   Or imagine your whole body transforms into soils irrigated by a stream


If one is concentrating on doing every motion, it will work out very well.

It may not work only if your mind is disturbed and constantly occupied by a thought.

This thought rises due to dramatic events triggering feelings from memories of this life or past lives.

Zen meditation will help to alleviate insomnia but the ultimate solution is to search and realize the true cause of the feelings.

When the cause is found, the effect will be gone at once.

The Causes And Consequences Of Insomnia

Through observation, we will find out the main causes of Insomnia are

n   Putting your own expectations on your acquaintances, partners, family members, and

n   Putting expectations on yourselves wherever you are.


When we decline everything which is different from our values and beliefs, stress and negative emotion will be created.

Muscles, blood vessels and subtle energy channels inside our body and in energy bodies are contracting.

Prolonged contractions of the aforementioned parts reduce the amount of subtle energy and energy flowing into bodies.

Negative emotion also blocks chakras and the channels of subtle energy system.

The result is we will get sick.


Our mind is easily disturbed by external world.

Eventually, we will be sick.  Insomnia is just one of sickness.

In the perspective of spirituality, gradually working towards the following targets will help to cure insomnia.

u  Keep lowering expectations on yourselves and others.

u  Keep accepting everyone is unique in the world.

u  Live in the moment now.

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