How To Change A Habit Effectively?

18 Nov 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

A positive mind and a healthy body can empower someone to change a habit faster.

A cancer patient, who has strong willpower to survive, tends to live long.

If the body is healthy and full of energy, things are going to be changed quickly.


Everyone has power to change habits.

Everyone is born to have power to change habits.

In fact, it is the greatest power to transform and move on, enabling ones to adapt to the ever-changing environment.


A habit is a kind of repeated action and behavior which is often used.

So called “bad” habits were used to be harmless and existing for a reason.

And now, the habit is bad because it cannot help to improve oneself.

If ones understand this point, there is no need to see these as bad habits that ones have to eliminate them at any costs.

This is a correct attitude to change a habit.

How To Change A Habit?

There is a misunderstanding that habits come from thinking and changing a mindset can change a habit.

A habit is a kind of repeated action and behavior which is often used.

In order to change a habit, one just needs to carry out new actions and stop thinking of old habits.

Then, habits can be changed easily.

Foundation Of Changing Habits

A positive mindset is important for changing habits.

Actualizing the following three points are the foundation of changing habits.


1)     Focusing on the part of habits which are different rather than the same part.

2)     Recalling many good habits and ignoring several bad habits.

3)     Thinking of things we want to do rather than things we do not want to do.


Once there is an idea of a new habit which one wants to change, one can simulate the new habit firstly.

To simulate the new habit, everyday, one can stay at a corner, spending a few minutes to imagine doing the new habit.

Then, one just carries out new habits and stop thinking of old habits upholding 3 aforementioned points.

Enjoy changing habits and habits can be changed effectively.  Why?


Doing a new habit every time can stimulate brain cells to create a stronger imprint in mind increasing the effect of adjustment.

Therefore, changing a habit by doing it can be very effective to change a habit.


The secret behind changing a habit is…


n   To praise for something about you for example having a healthy body, completing a task without faults.

n   When chatting with an acquaintance, one says thank you at least one time and find out the strengths of the acquaintance.


By doing these every day, one’s personality will be transformed and eventually will change habits healing the body.


Following these steps and habits can be changed effectively.

If one thinks from different angles and to arouse new emotion and attitude, it will reinforce action required for the change of habits.

Actualizing new habits can further strengthen the effect for the change.


A habit is the form of behavior.

Changing behavior means changing the habit.

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