How To Be More Intuitive

26 Nov 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

The basic principle of increasing intuition is “Pure”.

If one’s mind, physical bodies and energy bodies, are pure, intuition can be increased.


n   Pure Mind

This refers to stillness of mind or mindfulness of mind.

There are a few thoughts or no thoughts in one’s mind.

The mind is totally serenity and brainwaves are constantly Theta or Delta waves.


n   Pure physical bodies

If one is vegetarian and is eating less meat, it is easier to tranquilize one’s mind than someone who is not vegetarian.

The body tends to be more pure when one is vegetarian.


n   Pure energy bodies

An energy body is a subtle energy field radiated from one’s body.

An energy body is pure when there is no emotional blockage in the field.

How To Be More Intuitive?

Most of the suggestions mentioned below can tranquilize one’s mind, cleanse emotional blockage and absorb more subtle energy.

These are the conditions causing an increase in intuition.


l   Chanting mantras and scriptures

Chanting mantras and scriptures can connect oneself with sacred energy and tranquilize one’s mind.

Reading scriptures and implement the truths in daily lives can nurture kindness and compassion.  

If doing so for a period of time, one will remove emotional blockage in one’s energy body and is more able to connect with sub-conscious mind.  The messages from sub-conscious mind can be delivered to conscious mind.



l   Listening to the sound of Theta or Delta waves, Om and mantras

The sound of Theta or Delta waves tranquilize one’s mind.

Listening to Om and Mantras change one’s brainwaves to Theta or Delta waves.

Some mantras can cleanse emotional blockages in one’s energy body. 

Therefore, he or she will be more able to receive messages from one’s sub-conscious mind and from surroundings.



l   Sitting Meditation & “Movement” Meditation - Tea ceremony, incense ceremony, drawing, calligraphy

Meditation whatever it is sitting meditation or “movement” Meditation does not only tranquilize one’s mind but also train one’s mind to focus at one activity. 

In this way, one’s mind will gradually be calm and see things more clearly.


l   Qi Gong

This can train oneself to be calm and concentrate on one activity.

The basic requirement of practising Qi Gong is to relax and tranquilize one’s mind and the body.

It also unblocks the subtle energy channels in and around one’s body. 

Therefore, one will be more sensitive to subtle energy and be more intuitive.


l   Nature

Nature such as mountains, seaside, etc, is full of subtle energy.

Walking in nature makes one absorb more subtle energy and makes mind more serene.


l   Move Away from some EMF and urban environment

In some urban cities, there are disturbances to stop one from concentrating on one activity and absorbing subtle energy.

Some music and movies which lead ones to move dramatically keeps one’s mind unrest.

Places where there are very strong Electronic Magnetic Fields (EMF) stop ones from absorbing more subtle energy.

To increase one’s intuition, these are things one need to avoid.


l   Avoid eating irritating food and Eat less meat

Meat, spicy food, alcohol, onions, garlic, chili and curry are the things causing one tend to get angry easier. 

To be serene, one tries to avoid eating these kinds of food.



l   Absorb more subtle energy

We can absorb subtle energy through eating food and drinking water.

Nowadays, some kind of food and water are lack of subtle energy.

Fresh vegetables and natural spring water are the best sources of subtle energy.

One can also absorb subtle energy from trees.

However, one needs to learn to check whether trees are surrounded by negative energy or not before doing so.

Subtle energy can nurture intuition.


l   Simple mind

Simple mind means not making many assumptions and not jumping to conclusions quickly on things and people.

Living with simple mind can prevent one from stress and anger.

Therefore, one’s mind will be calm.


After strictly doing the aforementioned suggestions, one will develop a serene mind increasing one’s intuitive.


Reminder for applying intuition

When one is getting messages from sub-conscious mind, it is better to re-confirm whether it is accurate or not.

Some people take a long time to develop intuition and others may not.

It is important to find out how to further develop your intuition and how accurate your intuition is.

Please take many trials before believing in your intuition.


DO NOT get messages from your unconscious mind when you are angry, irritated and stressful.

Calm mind is an essential condition to have an accurate intuition.

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