Hold And Observe When Having Bad Consequences

23 Aug 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

Life is impermanent and constantly changed.

Life is changed in a way which is out of our expectations may trigger emotions such as sadness, anxiety, anger, etc.

When a set pattern of thinking prevails, fixed beliefs and values are generated.

One event can be perceived in different perspectives.

Awareness of fixed beliefs and values can open up our mind.

If we learn to see hidden spiritual knowledge through the changes, we can foresee the results. 

We can be enlightened by events happened in our life.



A Turning Point Of My Life


3 friends and I confirmed to have a dinner one month in advance.

One of the friends said that she could not attend the dinner a day before.

On that day, another friend expressed that she could not attend the dinner too.

At the end, the friend, who raised this dinner request and was available, told me to call off the dinner.


When she told me to cancel this gathering, I was a bit disappointed.

This was an unexpected result.

This cancellation happened the first time in my life.

I was eager to have a dinner with them as four of us did not have a dinner together for months.

I gave up few hours to do something else for dinning with them.

I tried to set things up and it did not happen as expected by me.


I am not mad at my friends who did not keep their promises.  I accept their decisions.

Every problem is started my and can be ended by me only.

I started reviewing myself –


What was wrong with me?

Was I the only one who wanted to see the friends?

What did I expect to happen in my life?


I started analyzing this change by applying the Law of Universe – Cause and Effect.

The friend who raised this request was the main person who decided whether to keep or cancel this gathering.

The other two friends were the secondary factors which made this gathering happen or disappear.

When their minds have changed, they chose to do something else and put this appointment in a lower priority.

On top of that, the friend who raised this request preferred to see the other friends together in one dinner.

As two of the friends were unavailable, the appointment was cancelled.

The invisible force (Karma) which pulled us together vanished.

I was stubborn if I would have persisted to have a dinner with any one of my friends at that night.


A Divine Message


It is a sign that I shall not attend this type of gatherings (dinners) again.

It is similar to what had happened on me about learning a kind of healing.

In 2013, I had joined the course to learn a type of healing.

In the last class, the teacher was extremely sick and hospitalized.

I could not finish the course finally.

When a friend heard my story, she said “It tells you that you should not learn this type of healing.”

This time, it is also a similar sign telling me “not to have dinners with friends together”.

Eventually, I understood our minds have changed so we walked towards different paths.

There was no condition to make us gathering and dinning again as explained previously.

I shall allocate more time to grow spiritually so I have not had a dinner with them together again.

I still see some of them when I have a chance.

However, I have not deliberately giving up my spares time for dinning with friends till now.


A Wake Up Call


It is the first time in my life that a friend’s gathering was cancelled at last minute (I mean 5 hours before).

To learn more about this change, I drew an I-Ching hexagram through mediation and in my mind it showed Hexagram 35 Advancing.

In Hexagram 35 Advancing, the upper trigram is Fire and the lower trigram is Earth.

I interpreted the meaning of this hexagram through pictures seen in my mind during the mediation.


Sun and Moon were rising and falling alternatively like mutable Fire.

However, our stillness mind is as solid as our Earth (Ground).


Keep our mind calm and we will not be mentally affected by the impermanent world.

I realized I shall not expect my friends to come just because they have promised to.

I shall train myself to detach from thoughts of this type of expectations.


“Fill life with zero expectations.”




If we encounter unexpected incidents, the consequences may be bad.

While we are pulled by the force of Karma to experience the bad consequences, hold and observe.

Learning it from different perspectives.

And then, accept it and go with the flow.

When we are not swimming against the stream, the swimming speed is accelerating.

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