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4 Dec 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

30 Nov 2015, my friend sent me some messages about essential oil and emotional release.

I have a quick search in the internet and find out….


l   Molecules of essential oil are very small that they penetrate every human cell.

l   It can open memories emotionally stored in the DNA and release cellular memories stored in a body.


My friend also told me that there were a few friends using the same essential oil blends without any bad dreams.

However, one of our common friends had bad dreams at the first time using such type of essential oil blends.

My friend was surprised that it happened on one of all friends who had used same type of essential oil blends.

I told her “It does not happen on every person. When the time is right and conditions are right, it will happen.”

I meant essential oil is subsidiary cause and the principle cause is something else.


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I am very happy to find out that essential oil can release negative memories.

Negative memories are where the energy of negative emotion resides.

It will enable us to understand our values and behaviours especially hidden negative memories.

I meant hidden negative memories or any memories formed in our past lives.

If the essential oil can unveil negative memories, it is possible to release negative memories from past lives.

Our mind and bodies can be healed through seeing memories of past lives.


Once, I was suffering from insomnia since leaving a friend. 

I could not fall asleep till 3 am or 4 am in the morning.

This situation lasted for 3 months so my face was pale.

When I firstly met the friend, I was seeing a white light in my mind and knew that the friend was my close friend in my past life but I left it behind.


Insomnia has gone when….

n   I remembered the friend was my close friend and then

n   I told myself that the friend was not my close friend whom I met in my past live.  It was over.


When the cause is known and experienced, the sickness or problem will disappear.


Memories of past lives can appear in dreams and meditations.

It can be achieved by training and practising.

Using a kind of essential oil is really a quick method to see memories in dreams.

Essential oil can clear the energy of negative emotion too.



Hidden Emotion


It is very unbelievable the invisible amount of negative emotion hidden in a body.

I was writing in past my relationship with ex-colleagues was full of unintentionally resentment.

Although I had forgiven everyone who really hated me, I did not realize negative emotion was stored in my body.

Once, I was attending an energy healing class and learning how to cleanse negative emotion out of solar plexus chakra.

I was thinking of an ex colleague who really disliked me and checked how much emotion residue left by scanning.

Then, I cleansed it once and checked again.

The “same” amount of energy manifested through my solar plexus chakra.

I asked the teacher the reason of this situation.

He said “You need to do it more.  One time is not enough”.  

Therefore, there was a period of time I was cleansing my solar plexus chakra for the ex colleague.

I did not count but I guessed the energy of hidden emotion was totally vanished after cleansing within 50 times.

On top of that, I am using my will power to eliminate her anger caused by me every day.


Infinite emotion cleansing


Since 2012, I have been cleansing my energy body every day to eliminate negative emotion hidden in my body.

It is not only negative emotion formed in my life now but also in my past lives.

Many people did not realize this as it is hidden and invisible.

I knew meditation, Qi Gong and a kind of energy healing can cleanse negative emotion hidden in a body.

I wonder number of people who are doing those activities in the world.

At least, I have not seen many classes of such activities running in many centers and parks in my home town.

I am testing on the types of essential oil related to emotion to see the effectiveness of cleansing the energy of negative emotion by essential oil.

At the beginning of using essential oil of a brand name, I saw a person using a kind of essential oil to clean the energy body and it was really effective.

Therefore, it seems the essential oil of a brand name really works.





Releasing and expelling negative emotion can heal our body.

When our mind is healed, so does our body.

Keep improving and cultivating our mind.

Likes attract likes.

Negative emotion will attract negative emotion from the environment.

Positive emotion will attract positive emotion from the environment.

Using essential oil to release energy of negative emotion is a short term method.

Stopping negativity in our mind, our conversation and behaviours are long term methods to cease negative emotion.

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