Hexagram I Ching and The Wisdom of Success      

23 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

From Feb 2014 to Apr 2014, I was an apprentice offering life consultations. 

I was asked to solve any problems proposed by clients.

By that time, I was interested in I Ching hexagrams.

Therefore, I chose the descriptions of I Ching hexagrams which were easy to understand.

I would draw a number of hexagrams once clients asked questions.

I was so surprised 64 hexagrams were able to give suggestions which were beneficial to questioners and related parties.

Since then, I have been studying I Ching myself and discovered I Ching is wisdom leading to successful life.
When I have problems, I will draw a number of I Ching to find a suggestion.

This helps me to be positive and learn the wisdom.

This article is to share the wisdom inspired by some of hexagrams.


Inspired By Hexagram 1

Clever people who have talent conceal their skills and knowledge.

One should not be arrogant, stubborn and inflexible even though he or she has talent.


Inspired By Hexagram 1, Sixth Line

A clever and talent person who is promoted to the highest position quickly will feel more frustrated when there are failures.

Because one who is arrogant and promoted to the highest position quickly, he or she will look for more and forget to take environmental factors into his or her account.

At that moment, it is better to understand everyone will experience failure and has a flaw.

Instead of regretting, one should work hard and learn how to solve the problems.



Inspired By Hexagram 2

Everyone will experience confusion for a period of time.

This is unavoidable when everyone is growing up.

Grumbling about the situations does not help.

When we are confused, we then learn to get out of confusion.


Inspired By Hexagram 2, First Line

Withered leaves on the floor shows autumn has come.

Layers of frosts on the ground indicate it is getting cold and the ground will be frozen.

Through observation of four seasons, we know how the weather will be changed.

Through observation of societies, we predict the economic status of countries

The higher ability of perception is one of the keys to be successful.


Inspired By Hexagram 15, First line

A virtuous person can persist to carry out a task from the beginning till the end.

High level of persistence makes everything successful.


Inspired By Hexagram 29, Sixth Line

It is doom if a problem cannot be settled in three years.

A task must not be delayed for so long.  Otherwise, there will be more obstacles due to change of environmental factors.


Inspired By Hexagram 29, Second Line

In a critical and risky situation, one will obtain a small amount of reward.

When we want to gain big reward, it is better to start with a small business.

It is like a big desert making up of many sands.


Inspired By Hexagram 30, Forth Line

A fire comes suddenly which has burnt all trees and nothing will be left.

It implies that there is no reliable plan so one learns how to handle the sudden change.


Inspired By Hexagram 30, First Line

There is no harm to respect all.

Working with friends is more beneficial than working with enemies.

This can achieve win-win situation.


Inspired By Hexagram 34, Sixth Line

A ram crushes into a fence with its horns.  It gets stuck and cannot escape.

When we are in a dilemma, we should work harder to learn how to handle it.


Inspired By Hexagram 39, First Line

When we are going to a place, there are obstacles.

Having arrived at the place, we will return to home with sound reputations.

Sound reputations come from overcoming difficulties.


Inspired By Hexagram 42, Sixth Line

It is bad when one has no determination to be persistent.

There will be improvement if one persists.

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