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 6 Aug 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

This article states alternative methods of healing which may be different from western medical perspective.  Having a positive mind and detaching from negative emotion constantly make one healthy.   There are two significant methods of healing explained in this article – self hypnosis and Qi Gong.  Self hypnosis cannot only heal mental illness but also physical illness.  Practising Qi Gong can maintain healthiness of the body.  In some cases, it helps oneself to recover from sickness. 


I am writing this article for readers who have got diseases which cannot be cured after seeing doctors and for readers who are interested in the relationship between spirituality, sicknesses and Healing. 


If you have got sick, please firstly go to see doctors and try the treatments which you feel that they are right for you.


If there are no treatments which can cure your sickness, never give up, read this article and the other article, Being Healthy Part 1/2: Understanding Alternative Causes of Sickness.  When there is light, there is hope.  Never give up and look for alternatives methods of healing.

Prerequisite Of Healing: Positive Mind

Effective healing comes from three elements:

positive mind

the attitude that you have the ability to attract positive ideas and results



The three attitudes will promote quick recovery of the body because what the mind thinks affect the body.   In long run, to heal the body, it is important to change the mindset first.


Detach From Emotion

As one of the causes of sickness is negative emotion, detaching from negative emotion will accelerate the speed of healing.  


There are many alternative methods of healing but I only introduce Self Hypnosis and Qi Gong.  


Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis is similar to the situations that you have a daydream, you focus on reading a book or you focus on contemplating for something.   During the trance state, brain waves are changed from Beta / Alpha wave to Theta / Delta wave.  In the trance state, you are relaxed, conscious and having deep mental activities consciously.  Doctor F.A. Mesmer suggested that people can deliver healing energy in the trance state.  Therefore, in many cases, hypnosis can heal patients effectively.  


Self hypnosis is putting yourself into the trance state.  When you can concentrate on doing one activity such as meditation, tea ceremony, incense ceremony, drawing, calligraphy, etc., your brain waves are changed to Theta waves which are similar to the trance state of self hypnosis.  If you are good at those activities, you can also do self hypnosis very well.


Hypnosis is very effective to cure mental illness such as stress, phobia, etc.  When patients see the past memories in their trance states, they have got heal through knowing the cause of the illness.  Self hypnosis has such healing power too if you do it properly.


Self Hypnosis can also cure physical illness.  There is a book stating a guy who had broken one of his legs in a light aircraft crash.  The doctor asked for permission to cut his leg.  He rejected and finally healed his leg through dream-like self hypnosis.  In his trance state, bones of his leg became “Land” and subtle energy became “Water”.  He built a new watering system and bridges on the land in “his dream” to ask the sub-conscious mind to build an energy system to heal the broken leg in which there was no blood going through.  In one year, his broken leg was recovered. Then, he could walk and do exercises like any normal person.  He said


“Everyone has got a power to heal oneself.  Everyone is the best doctor of oneself.”


Qi Gong

In Taoism, there are mainly two types of Qi Gong. One is activating Qi through body movement while the other is activating Qi without body movement.  The former one is to move Qi which may also be called prana or Chi inside the body through yogic breathing, certain body posture and movement.  The latter one is to move Qi inside the body through yogic breathing, certain body posture but there is no body movement. 


To attain the best performance, both types of Qi Gong are suggested to do every day.  For beginners, it is suggested to practise Qi Gong “with body movement” every day firstly to unblock the energy channels in the body and then practise Qi Gong “without body movement” together with Qi Gong “with body movement” one year later. 


There are factors which affect the performance of Qi Gong such as time, location and direction of the body.  Only accurate posture of the body will activate the movement of Qi.  That is why it is better to learn Qi Gong from a master. 


I learnt Qi Gong and Tai Chi from a teacher who is also a doctor of traditional Chinese medical Science. I practiced Qi Gong for years because my body was getting weak while working in companies.  Every time, I sweated after doing Qi Gong and I felt subtle energy moving like a warm ball circulating throughout my body so that energy channels of my body were unblocked and subtle energy was transferred to my organs keeping me healthy.


In past, I got cold three to four times every year.  Once I got cold and I could not sleep.  Since I have learnt “Sleeping” Qi Gong through reading a book, I tried to do it at night.  I maintained a special body posture on my bad, closed my eyes and controlled my breath and Qi by my mind overnight.  To my surprise, I sweated heavily at mid night. On next day morning, I was totally recovered.  Although I did not sleep deeply, I still felt full of energy on the next day. 


I have to admit the saying of Taoism Masters “everyone has medicine in one’s body”.  One needs to be learning and practicing Qi Gong persistently to achieve a certain healthy stage of the body.  In long term, it is one of the best ways to keep oneself healthy and to heal oneself without taking any pills.


Here, I would like to share pathways to health and longevity in Taoist’s point of view:


l   Constantly practising Qi Gong

l   Nurturing a childish mind

l   Be a vegetarian

l   Accumulating more merits and virtues


The definitions of merits and virtues :

Merits are accumulated by selflessly done good deeds without wandering and discriminatory thoughts, or attachments and the correction of our erroneous thoughts and behaviour.

Virtues arise from deep concentration and wisdom.


Positive mind helps one to stay away from sickness because mind affects the body. The brain follows messages of positive language and positive mind detaches oneself from negative emotion. 


There are many alternative methods of healing but I only introduce Self Hypnosis and Qi Gong.  You may take a long time to learn and practice them.  If you are good at them, you can heal yourself effectively.  You have resources you need inside your body.


Medicine and methods of healing come from yourself and your inner Wisdom.  You have already got sufficient resources to cure yourself.

“Everyone has got a power to heal oneself.  Everyone is the best doctor of oneself.”


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