Health and Meditation: Brief Introduction of Zen Meditation and its benefits   

 14 Aug 2014   Posted in Mind and Body 

Recently, I joined a foundation course of Zen Meditation.  In the course, they taught mainly four types of Zen Meditation.  Afterwards, I have discovered the benefits of practising Zen Meditation everyday are related to physical and mental Health.  Besides, practising Zen Meditation will improve oneself in other ways too.

Types of Meditation

There are many types of Meditation in the world.  Zen Meditation is just one of them.   The key point of practising Zen Meditation is concentrating on doing one activity at a time. 


Before practising Zen Meditation, one was suggested to do some exercise very slowly to relax the whole body and to tranquilize the mind in the course.


When the body was relatively relaxing and the mind was relatively calm, it was the right time to start practising Zen Meditation.  There were four types of Zen Meditation introduced in the course.


Sitting Meditation


One might sat on a chair or sat cross-legged (Lotus Position), keeping the body erect and mindfulness alert.  If one was unable to sit cross-legged- Lotus Position, there were other sitting postures for beginners.  Those postures were similar to sitting cross-legged. 


With the eyes looking at the tip of the nose, one observed the breathing in and breathing out.  The purpose of looking at the tip of the nose was to make the mind concentrate.


At the end of the meditation, one was suggested to massage the whole body to reduce the pain caused by sitting postures and tense muscles. 


Eating Meditation


One focused on every movement (e.g. picking up food, chewing food) when eating and did every movement one by one.  For example, when chewing food, the rest of the body stayed still and when picking up food, one stopped chewing food.  One time, one activity.


Walking Meditation


One walked around in the same route slowly.  Meditators were asked to focus on the feeling of both legs to feel which part of the foot was moving in every step.


Sleep Meditation


We could do Zen Meditation while sleeping.  Firstly, put a towel on the floor.  Then, one was laying on the towel and kept a certain body posture during the meditation. 


Practising Meditation When Moving

Zen Meditation can be applied into every movement of our daily life.  We just need to pay attention to the feeling and the movement of the body every second.  When practising any types of Zen Meditation, one will mostly be distracted by thinking in one’s mind.  If this happens, try to bring one’s focus back to the feeling and movement of the body.  This makes a meditator to focus on the moment now (not past and not future).

Benefits Of Practising Zen Meditation

Long-time practice of Zen Meditation enables one to heal one physically and mentally and improve one’s personality.


Benefits Related To Physical and Mental Health

l   Increase the degree of endurance

l   Heal many types of allergies

l   Quickly calm down one’s mind

l   Tranquilize one’s emotion

l   Gradually heal one’s sickness

l   Eliminate and release the unknown negative emotion

l   Minimise the amount of energy used on every movement


Other Benefits

l   Activate one’s intention to move and increase one’s effectiveness

l   Strengthen volition

l   Accelerate thinking speed

l   Form a more perfect personality

l   Reach the stage of enlightenment

Ignore Paranormal Phenomena During Meditation

There are two points that everyone should bear in mind before practising Zen Meditation. 


l   A meditator is not suggested to do Zen Meditation for only developing psychic power.

l   A meditator should not be interested in paranormal phenomena which happen during the meditation.  


Attaching to psychic power and paranormal phenomena will brings adversely effects on a meditator.   Therefore, a meditation should ignore any paranormal phenomena happen during the meditation and the want of developing psychic power.

My Experience With Zen Meditation

Heal Insomnia and Relax

A week before attending the course of Zen Meditation, I was suffering from minor insomnia.  It was a one day and a half class.  After the first class, I could fall into sleep quickly at that night.  When the class ended on the second day, I was more sensitive to the condition of my muscles.  I could quickly discover the tense muscles at the beginning of Zen Meditation.



Approaching Selfless


The most interesting point about Zen Meditation is discovering my blind spot of my personality during walking meditation.   I was following a teacher’s instruction to walk around in the same path for practising walking meditation.  While I was walking, there was a past event popping up in my mind.   Suddenly, I realized my true intention in such past event and I should get rid of such intention to improve my personality.  Zen Meditation can help to melt away my own selfish values so that I become more selfless.




There was a Q & A section at the end of the course.  The teacher answered a question

“How could I do Zen Meditation when I was busy and had no time?”


He answered

“People are busy, reading documents while having dinner.  However, can we really do two tasks at the same time? Can our mind do two things simultaneously? It is impossible.  Actually, practising Zen Meditation, focusing on doing one task, increases the job efficiency of oneself.


I had briefly introduced 4 types of Zen Meditations.  It is suggest to join the classes of Zen Meditation which you feel that is right for you and which there are teachers who guide you to practise Zen Meditation step by step.


It seems there are more benefits which will be found out through practising Zen Meditation.  The beneficial effects of practising Zen Meditation are really cannot be expressed through words.   One has to feel it by doing Zen Meditation oneself.


Doing Zen Meditation does not only good for physical and mental health but also good for self improvement.  It can develop psychic power, but we discourage people doing Zen Meditation for developing psychic power and one should ignore paranormal phenomena during the meditation.


To become selfless through practising Zen Meditation, meditators need a compassionate mind all the time and keep doing Zen Meditation persistently.


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