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31 July 2014   Posted in Mind and Body 

I will explain alternative causes of sickness (Part 1/2) and alternative methods of healing (Part2/2) which are different from western medical perspective in two articles.  This article is Part1/2 stating the main causes of sickness are negative emotion and negative personality.  In spiritual perspective, sickness is the message delivered from your sub-conscious mind and it can be related to your past life.  Once you fully understand the messages, you will get rid of the sickness, being healthy and learn other lessons in your life. The alternative methods of healing (Part 2/2) will be explained in another article later on.


If you have got sick, please firstly go to see a doctor to cure an illness.


For readers who have got diseases which cannot be cured after seeing doctors and for readers who are interested in the relationship between spirituality, sicknesses and healing, please read this article.

If there are no treatments which can cure your sickness, never give up and read this article.  It empowers you to find a way to heal yourself alternatively. 


Alternative Causes of Sickness

I used to be suffering from nose allergy, skin allergy, eczema, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.  I visited doctors many times for some of them and symptoms had gone while I was taking medicines.  However, I never truly recovered.  Since then, I read books to understand more about sickness and tried alternative methods to heal myself.  Now, I have almost recovered from most of the aforementioned sickness.  Sometimes, I still have eczema, nose allergy or skin allergy but I recover quickly that I have not discovered the symptoms have come.  The followings are the alternative causes of sickness and ailments.


Negative Emotion

People who got sickness are mostly venting negative emotion, hiding negative emotion in their minds and having negative minds and attitudes.  If you have deliberately observed the common points of the patients, you will spot them.


Once, I visited a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who is a professor of a university due to displacement of some spinal bones.  During the treatment, the doctor told me that cancer was caused by negative emotion of the cancer patients. 

Being positive makes one healthy.

Personality and Types of Sickness

Why do human have emotion?  The answer is personality.  Personality is one’s relatively distinctive and consistent pattern of thinking, feeling and acting. 

If one’s personality is optimistic, one will feel happy and act positively.  If one’s personality is pessimistic, one will feel sad, stressful, etc which is negative emotion.   In psychological perspective, some illness such as hypertension and some headaches are stress-related.  Therefore, to certain extent, we can predict the sickness one may have based on one’s personality.

My Experience of Personality and Types of Sickness

I was working for a company where I had problems and conflicts with my superior, colleagues and teammates (see full story).  Because of my stubbornness, I insisted to stay in this company and worked harder in order to overcome problems.  Hence, I sat in front of the computer for more than 9 hours a day and ate dinner later than 9 pm. 


Years later, I had spurs extended from my spine. That was the first signal of stopping my stubbornness in my life.  Although I was recovered from spurs afterwards, I had an accident leading to the displacement of some spinal bones in 3 months which I did not realize.  Eventually, my body became weaker. 


One day, I suddenly had a sever backache that I walked as slow as a turtle.  Luckily, on the same day, I successfully booked an appointment with a doctor who moved my spinal bones back to the original positions steps by steps. 


If I did not insist to stay in the company, I would NOT have spurs extended from my spine and the displacement of some spinal bones. My stubbornness had contributed to the sickness.


Recalling this experience of my sickness, I find out that the sickness has a special meaning in my life. 


It was like a message from my sub-conscious mind and body asking me to be compassionate to myself and all beings.


I have learnt my life lessons very well - I realized…


l   Those conflicts and problems with my superior, my colleague and my teammates were just trivial comparing to tremendous pain that I had caused by the spurs and the displacement of some spinal bones.  


l   Insisting to work in the company could NOT overcome the problems in my case.  


l   Health is the most important thing in my life.  Without health, I can do NOTHING.


l   After I have let go of all hatred, I smooth the problems away through compassion.


l   If I did NOT learn the lesson, I would have been suffering from pain and anger and the similar problems will comes repeatedly. 


Past Life and Sickness

Emotion of your past life will manifest itself in form of sickness in this life.  Memory of your past life was stored in the charka which is called Soul Star Chakra located about six inches above the crown chakra.  The negative emotion of your past life resides in the etheric body.  These memory and negative emotion are subtle energy which can affect one’s mind developing into different types of sickness in this life.


My Experience of Past Life and Sickness

When I was a child feeling stressful, esophagus located in my throat would contract for a while.  It was still there when I had grown up.  Having learnt a bit about hypnosis from the internet and books, I knew I could see my past memory through self hypnosis.  By that time, I had practiced meditation for months and could be able to retrieve a snapshot of my past life.  Therefore, I asked myself what past events caused my esophagus contracted while I felt stressful in this life and then closed my eyes to meditate.  In my mind, I saw someone getting drown.  Afterwards, I asked a person who seemed to be able to saw the past more than I did and the reply was the same & in detail.   Alternative healing method was offered and this “strange disease” has gone. 


We are living in the world of 3 dimensions. If we are sick, we have got to see doctors firstly to get cure. If the treatment does not work out, then it would be the time to think about the reasons behind the sickness in spiritual perspective.  

In spiritual perspective, the causes of sickness are mainly negative emotions from past life and this life.  Everyone has got his or her purpose of life.  In everyone’s life, there are lessons to learn.  When the time is right, it will be transformed into sickness so that one has a chance to learn the lesson.  The sickness will go away when one has learnt the lesson.  Understanding the causes of sickness help one to cure sickness effectively.   

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