Headache Part 2

30 Oct 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

Gnostic - possessing knowledge, especially esoteric knowledge of spiritual matters.


It was amazing to learn this word because I read a similar explanation from a blog…


Learning spiritual knowledge by seeing, experiencing, verifying and practising

– I rephrase the sentence and present it based on the meaning.


That is how I have been learning spiritual knowledge since 2012.

I was an atheist and saw physical matters anyone can see in the world.

Since 2012, I have experienced things which strongly prove the truths from scriptures.

I see, experience, verify and practice spiritual knowledge.

Getting more sensitive to subtle energy, I start to choose what to read and what not to read or what to say and what not to say.

I have written experience about these in Energy Part 3 and Energy Part 4.


In Headache Part 1, it is written subtle energy generated from negative emotion is one of the reasons of having a headache for people, who can detect energy and are sensitive to subtle energy.

The headache may also possibly be caused by invisible Karmic Debtors.


[Karmic Debtors]


n   They are either human beings or non-human beings which may be called ghost orbs or spirit orbs.

n   In past, one did something which were good deeds or bad deeds on them.

n   These form karmic relationships in this life time or in past life times.

n   If karmic relationships are formed due to good deeds, they will offer help.

n   If karmic relationships are formed due to bad deeds, they will form a sphere of adverse influence.

n   Karmic debts are the manifestation of the law of the universe – Cause and Effect.



We mostly do not remember our past lives because the heaven or divine is kind to us.

Therefore, it is something usually many people do not realize including myself in past.

I have learnt this through gnostic experience since 2012.

I saw ghost orbs in different sharps and different colours.

I usually do not talk about this because most of my friends are afraid of them.

I am unwilling to invoke their negative emotion through telling them my experiences of orbs too.

I am writing about it now in order to explain the spiritual cause of a headache based on two situations.


The first situation is that numbers of invisible Karmic Debtors caused by bad deeds have been accumulated.

When the time is right and there is a chance, they will approach their karmic debtees.

Because they have got “permits” (See Notes: Invisible Permits), they can affect karmic debtees.

A headache is one of their ways to express their feeling. 

(Readers who are interested in Karma, please read my posts Karma Part 1,Karma Part 2,Identify Specific Blocks in Life.)

Headaches will often happen if many Karmic Debtors are wandering around their karmic debtees at the same time.


The other situation is that for example, Mr. A knows Mr. B has a lot of karmic debts.

Mr. A tends to introduce some effective spiritual practices to Mr. B.

Without Mr. B’s initiative, Mr. A tells Mr. B how to do spiritual practices to lessen karmic debts.

Mr. A will feel a headache before or when having this conversation with Mr. B.

Because Mr. B has not asked for help, Mr. A will be affected by Mr. B’s invisible Karmic Debtors.

It is also because Mr. A’s suggestions help to stop Mr. B from being affected by Karmic Debtors effectively.

And Mr. A is helping without a “permit” – a permit means the action that Mr. B asks for help.

Therefore, Karmic Debtors have the right to affect Mr. A too.


Both situations happened on me in past.

After different experiences with my invisible Karmic Debtors, I have set one new spiritual objective recently.

It is to learn and practise how to help them and myself at the same time.

Chanting Diamond Sutra to dedicate merits to them is one of many ways to help them.

Now, I am searching other ways to do similar thing.



Cultivation of Kindness, Confession and Blessings are very important in spiritual life.

I believe Blessings and Confession can be delivered in the name of God and transfer to invisible Karmic Debtors through prayers.

Sincere and unconditional kindness can be nurtured through good deeds and showing mercy towards others such as donation and voluntary work.

All of these help invisible Karmic Debtors to ascend.




Notes: Invisible Permits


There are rules not only in our physical world but also rules in invisible world.


In invisible world, invisible Karmic Debtors will be given “permits” to collect debts when time is right. 

This is the concept from the East which is not popular.

This type of permits is a flag of different colours – based on internet research, it has a colour of yellow, white, green, gray or black.

The colour of the flags represents the duration of disturbance and the type of disturbance.


In physical world, a small group of people get a divine order for providing the education of spiritual knowledge and solving issues related to invisible Karmic Debtors.

Interestingly, it is the same situation in the East and the West but it comes in different ways.

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