Headache Part 1

29 Oct 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

People who can detect energy and are sensitive to subtle energy may have a headache because of the following occasions.

It may also happen on spiritual seekers who have done spiritual practices.

I share this information as I discover a reader is interested in the spiritual causes of a headache.

Usually, these occasions happen invisibly to most people.

Therefore, they are left unsolved.

This article is writing for readers who are interested in the issues or tend to solve the issues.


In ancient time, the pace of life was much slower.

There were fewer types of entertainment and transportation mode was less developed.

It took longer time to travel from one place to another.

Ancient people were relatively less stressful and more likely to be in touch with cosmic energy…..


- When one is more relaxed, one will be more accessible to cosmic energy or spiritual energy.  

- Comic energy helps us to remove negative emotion and leads to a happy life.


This situation nurtured many spiritual masters in ancient time.

Therefore, many great ancient scriptures and spiritual articles were created.


Nowadays, the pace of urban life is much faster.

People are usually working for 8 hours or more a day.

People are attracted by various entertainment such as watching TV and movies, clubbing, playing TV games, etc..

Therefore, modern people have less time to truly relax their souls and to enjoy serenity of mind.

Modern people are less likely to receive cosmic energy.

Unlimited wants, bustling with works and entertainments tend to generate more negative emotion.

Subtle entities of negative emotion live in places which is one of the causes of a headache.


[Subtle entities]


I have learnt this concept from a shamanic practitioner and teacher.

When a person expresses negative emotion (e.g. sadness, anger, fear), subtle entities are formed.

Subtle entities become a living entity.

They will stay in the energy body of the creator – I usually discovered that they stayed in a heart chakra.

They will also stay in the place when they are created. Or they will move around.

Because they are subtle energy which usually people cannot see with their physical eyes, people pass through them unintentionally.

Subtle entities created through negative emotion will be attached on passers-by if subtle entities have stayed around there.

The subtle entities love to gather around a crown chakra of a person causing a headache.


In addition, strong communication networks emitting EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) blocks comic energy transferring from the sky to the earth.

These may be the reason why the subtle entities of negative energy have been accumulated.


We can surely get out of this issue when


We let go of perceptual models.

We verify the truths the world is manifested by our mind.

We verify the truths appearance is vain and delusive


We can receive subtle energy from the nature and the universe without being there – this is core concept of Zhineng Qi Gong.

That means we can receive subtle energy from the universe even thought the sky is blocked by strong EMFs.

It is similar to a stunt that we can bend a metal spoon with our hands.

When we apply the power of our mind on a metal spoon, we can bend a metal spoon with our hands easily.

It is not a unique stunt.  It is something you and me are able to do.


It is a temporary method that a bottle of water spray containing natural sandalwood essential oil can help to lessen the level of the headache.

Bathing in salty water or clean sea water can help to cleanse our energy body effectively.

A type of yoga and meditation involving the some types of visualisation can help to cleanse our energy body too.

Most importantly, if our mind is peaceful, it won’t attract subtle entities caused by negative thoughts.

There are some spiritual practices which tranqulize our mind.

Firstly, stillness mind comes from practices, prolonged cultivation and kindness.

Chanting prayers which cultivate peaceful mind, Heart Sutra and Diamond Sutra accelerate transmuting our mind and cultivating positive attitude.


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