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Happiness does not come from how many things one has.

Happiness is there because one does not care for benefits and losses.


When I was a youngster, I admired my classmates who bought school bags of famous brand names.

Having those school bags would catch attentions of other schoolmates.

In my school, it seemed that anyone who carried such type of school bags would be respected.

There were a few of my classmates carrying such school bags.

I also bought a few expensive bags which I could afford to.

I spent much money on food and clothes.

Eating food, buying clothes and stuff made me feeling happy in past.

I reckoned that was the source of happiness which is totally illusive.

I had such belief for many years.


Since I have left schools, I had various experiences in work places and related to relationships.

I was feeling lonely and not happy (see details in about YH) although I had eaten food I liked and bought clothes I liked.

One day, I wanted to save money so I stopped shopping clothes, shoes, etc..

I bought when I really needed to e.g. have new clothes for job interviews.

Because I had eczema for 3 or 4 years, I changed my diet and did not look for nice restaurants to try good food.

I looked for and tried a diet which could stop eczema instead.

I felt happiness for seconds or days during the consumption but it faded away quickly.

I had a lot of stuff, which I did not need, accumulated in my bedroom.  That was a real waste.

Moreover, I was suffering from sickness and difficult relationships.

Happiness does not come from how many things I have.



I recalled some memories about my schoolmates and my ex colleagues.

Some of them gave me negative comments – I am not complaining them.  I totally understand why and accept what they did that.

I really cared for their comments and could not let them go.

The more I cared for their comments, the more I felt sad.

Eventually, I became doubtful in relationship and in career life.

Now, I have totally realized the sadness was caused by negative comments forming negative values in my sub-conscious mind.

The comments influenced me greatly because I really cared for how those people treated me and what they told me.

If I had not cared for the comments and been confident, I would have been positive in relationship and in career life.

This value not only created sadness energy accumulated in my body, but also triggered different mental illness and physical health problems later on.



Since I have learnt spirituality and the absolute truths, I have practiced to nurture my mind.

The first thing I have practiced is to eliminate my wants and my negative beliefs.

This is how our ego can be eliminated.

The second thing I have practiced is to donate in terms of money and knowledge.

This is how we can detach from wants and be more compassionate.

Practicing these 2 things has tremendously changed my life.


We can work externally and internally for detachment.

1)     In my previous post, Detach From Emotion, there are some externally methods to detach from emotion.

2)     Improving the healthiness of the liver can also help to detach from negative habits and values.   Because the liver controls and regulates movement of Qi (Vital energy) in a body, it supports and influences thoughts and behaviours greatly.  For example, one tends to quit drinking coffee by cleansing the physical liver and the energy body of the liver.


In a society, people may be treated differently because of their fame and statuses.

Everyone is equal and should be respected.

My ex colleague told me “You are different from other local people.”

She was a Chinese from Mainland Chinese.

Chinese people immigrated from Mainland Chinese would likely be discriminated in my home town.

She implied that I did not treat her differently because she was a Chinese from Mainland Chinese.

My principle is helping others regardless of races and statuses to meet their requirements when I am working.

Therefore, I will try to everyone equally and help even my suppliers ask me to.

In my home town, it is a common belief that a client shall be served and helped by suppliers – and my view is totally opposite to the common belief.

I try my best not to care for benefits and losses when it is about helping and the purpose is decent.

It takes me many years to practise and become a person from caring for everything to caring for less and less.

Eventually, I don’t feel alone and unhappy.

On the contrary, my mind is more serene and this is a kind of happiness for me.

Happiness is there because one does not care for everything.


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