Habits and Thoughts - Two

16 Aug 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

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If we have transmuted and accessed spiritual energy, what will happen?


Old habits of our past lives are surfacing.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, my mind was scolding at someone whom I knew or whom was a passer-by when I saw him or her.

I clearly knew that a bad thought was not created by me.

It just came from the sub-conscious mind.

It is similar to a piece of ice breaking up with the big iceberg flowing up to the surface of the water.

I recognize it but do not know why it happens.


Habits and Thoughts


When we have read something, it will form a behavioural pattern. 

This thought is stored in Alaya (a type of consciousness in our mind) which is carried forward from lifetime to lifetime..

Habits formed in past lives have been stored in our mind for a long time.

This thought and the behavioural pattern is stored without knowing they are stored in our mind.

When the time is right, the behavioural pattern will be stimulated by a specific situation and expressed.

For example, some people are afraid to stay alone in a dark room but this behaviour is not caused by any events in this life time.


When we have started tranquilizing our minds and have accessed spiritual energy, we realize thoughts hidden in our mind.

Scolding at someone from our sub-conscious minds is one of the results.

We are affected by thoughts and habits not only from now but also from our past lives.

A thought and a habit can really affect our lives tremendously because a thought is a kind of energy.

When we think of something, we have projected the energy already.

Thoughts affect our lives so eliminating bad thoughts can improve our lives.


In 2012, when my mind was scolding at someone whom I knew or whom was a passer-by, I said to myself “… , I am sorry, please forgive me.” immediately.

Because I scolded at someone in my mind, I never apologized to those people whom I have scolded in my mind face to face.

When I apologized in my mind, I called his or her name (if I know this person).

Otherwise, I apologized by saying how I met someone and then I said sorry to him or her.

Eventually, this situation happened less frequently.


Recently, this situation rarely happens again.

I have done different types of spiritual practices constantly and did not tackle this issue specifically.

In last three months, I have done spiritual practices to confess my mistakes and repent together with a group of people.

I did not know what is the main cause of making this situation disappearing.

I reckon confession is something that I shall do.



How did I get through the aforementioned spiritual issue and other spiritual issues?

Learning and Practising.


My rescue kit comes from my daily life.

They are books and information I read or activities recommended by friends.

The rescue kit appears unexpectedly.

If they are books and information, I will verify it to ensure my mind will be improved after doing so.

I did not know it is the rescue kit until I have found out I have recovered.

For example, my subconscious mind has stopped scolding at someone for a while but I did not notice this change.

It may be caused by practising Yoga, Qi Gong introduced by a friend.

It may be also caused by practising a kind of meditation which I have learnt recently.

A spiritual life is to on cultivation.

To live a spiritual life is to keep learning (correctly) and practising (persistently).


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