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Few week ago, I have read a book about earthing and grounding.

Last week, I read a blog explaining the benefits of earthing / grounding.

It is an interesting theory and I will go to verify the advantages of grounding in May.


Grounding is to put your bar foot on the ground such soil, concrete, sand.

Part of our bodies touch the ground so that it is connected with the Earth and infused with negative ions.

Negative ions of the Earth are infused into our bodies.

In return, excessive positive ions in our bodies are infused into the ground.

Then our bodies will be uncharged.

After a period of grounding process, our bodies will be healed faster.


This realizes the theory of balancing the energy of yin and yang in a body.

Negative ions belong to ying energy.

Positive ions belong to yang energy.

The balance of Yin and Yang energy in a body promote healthiness.

Our heart, lungs, kidneys, livers and spleens respond to specific colours of food.

Eating food of different colours will produce the interchange of negative and positive ions with these 5 organs.

It is similar to the process of grounding too.


I quickly scanned the level of positive and negative ions in my body.

I have got 5 positive ions and 3 negative ions – 10 is the maximum level of energy.

I spend 8 hours working in front of a computer and at night, I do that same to write article for this website.

Electrical appliances are the one of the source of positive ions.

This well explains that the level of positive ions is 5 in my body.

I rarely go to rural area, mountains, beaches, etc. which are the source of negative ions.

Therefore, the level of negative ions is 3 in my body.


Grounding is a method to make my body neutral.

Are there other ways to uncharge my body?


I have learnt that showing and bathing are grounding too.

Water and water pipelines are going though the ground (the Earth) and connected with the source of water in somewhere else.

If we are touching them, infusion of negative ions will also occur.

This may be one of the reasons that Japanese people have the longest life span.

They like hot spring.   In Japan, there are public bathrooms which provide artificial hot springs or a big pool of bath water which is very hot.

There are many local people visiting these type public bathrooms even though at mid-night.

It is part of their culture and they have done a lot of “grounding”.


Grounding shoes and grounding mats are other alternatives.

I either make or buy the grounding shoes or grounding mats.

I guess I will enjoy similar or same effect of grounding through visualization and meditation.

1) experience how it feels if I do grounding.

2) take photos when walking on beaches.

3) Going back home, recalling the memory of walking on beaches – looking at photos of beaches can help to visualize clearly.

Right now, I still have not verified this practice.

I live in urban areas and have not gone to beaches to swim for years.

Some beaches are polluted in my home town.

If I go to cleanest water beaches, they are located at remote areas.

I was used to work consistently long hours.

Therefore, going to beaches was a “deluxe” activity for me.

Because of learning the feeling of grounding, I will try to walk on a beach and focus to “feel” the flow of energy in my body during the process of grounding.


I initially learn the idea of grounding and have not verified it through practising grounding.

I am so curious whether grounding can also help to replenish negative ions in my case.

I was told we can practise Qi Gong to strengthen the energy body so that we are not affected by radiation from electrical appliances, mobile phone, etc..

In our life, there are different ways to reach the same end.

Experiencing the different ways and exercising the one which is right for you is a kind of practice too.

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