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28 Jan 2016  Posted in Mind and Body 

The aura has different colour.

Since I have seen my friend’s heart chakra was lit by Golden light, it makes me thinking more about Gold aura.

I summarized the meaning of Gold aura based on the information from internet.


If the aura is gold, it means divine protection and guided by divines.

It also means one is mentored and guided by divines.


A spiritual master who taught me meditation said that the aura of many Buddhists was Gold in colour.

Why the aura of people was changing into Gold?

The aura will be transformed into Gold colour temporary or for much longer time dependent upon conditions.


Temporary Gold Aura

Gold aura is originated from sacred energy emanated from enlightened ones like Buddha and Jesus.

Voices related to the enlightened ones enable us to connect oneself to sacred energy.

Chanting names, mantras and scriptures related to the enlightened ones will generate the sacred energy.

Therefore, prayers containing the names of the enlightened ones will do the same too.

If a group of people chant prayers in masses or pujas, sacred energy will be descended on chanters.

Therefore, after masses or pujas, the aura of chanters is Gold in colour for a period of time.

The duration of the existence of Gold aura varies among all people.


Permanent Gold Aura

Some people are highly spiritual, kindness, and dedicated to serve people.

If they have chanted mantras, prayers or scriptures constantly, their Gold aura will last for much longer for their compassionate mind and good deeds.

If they are connected to divines, their Gold aura will last much longer or become permanent.

That is why the aura of some spiritual masters is Gold in colour.

If they run masses and pujas, participants usually can contact sacred energy in masses and pujas.


Before being connected to divines, one may have gone through some challenges and trials.

A spiritual master said that challenges and trials were created for someone to check how compassionate he or she was.

When one has overcome challenges and insisted to be truly kindness, one will be connected to divines through for example seeing divines in dreams.

There are some signs in dreams that one will know he or she has been connected to divines afterwards.



Guided By Divines

Gold aura is one of the signs that one is connected to divines.

If one is being connected to divines, the primary reason is compassionate mind and good deeds.

Divines know anyone who is being kind and carrying out good deeds.

They will give us “hints” to encourage us to be kind.

They will choose the appropriate way to show “hints”.


This is one of my personal experiences about this.

Once, I went to a centre to heal my back through energy healing.

It is a type of energy healing which is to channel the energy from the sky to patients.

The staff of the centre were having dinner so I had to wait for them.

To seize the time, I was chanting a short scripture in a soft voice so that I would not disturb others in the centre.

At the end of chanting a scripture, I felt subtle energy pushing my energy body in front of me.

The first thing in my mind was that they must be spirit orbs – when chanting scriptures, this action emanated subtle gold light.  This subtle gold light will attract spirit orbs.

In my mind, I said “if any spirit orbs want to go to pure land, I will send you to there at the end of chanting the scripture.” – Pure Land is a place where spirit orbs can go to practice to become Buddhas in another dimension.  I did what I had promised too.

During the energy healing process, something had happened.

Previously, in every healing section, I felt warm (not hot) during the process of transferring the energy.

This time, I felt very hot for the first time when transferring the energy.

Even the person who transferred the energy said that “It is very hot.”

It was very obvious that the energy comes from divine who praised the action of sending spirit orbs to pure land.

This is one of indirect guidance given by divines.

Because of this, I am always thinking – Divines always know what we are doing.



Chanting names of gods, mantras, prayers or scriptures constantly will help one to connect to divines to certain extent.

At the same time, one’s aura may be changed into Gold colour temporary.

If one is truly kind and carry out good deeds, gold aura will last longer after chanting.

I believe the people who have gold aura do not do something deliberately to transform the aura into Gold colour.

They just carry out good deeds without asking for rewards and their auras are transformed without being discovered by them.

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