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17 Sep 2014 Posted in Mind and Body 

I guessed positive affirmations are not popular in my home town even though the movie, The Secret, has been released in cinemas.  


What people do in my home town is asking god and goddess for help.  I knew positive affirmations work since the books namely The Secret have been sold and people have started getting more interested in Law of Attraction in my home town.


Having learnt spirituality for a period of time, I understand what makes Positive Affirmations more effective through trials and learning subtle energy.  


Keep Yourself Out Of Dark Room

The longer you stay in a dark room, the more you feel scary.  Right?  The environment will affect you psychologically. 


For example, if your positive affirmation is “I love myself more everyday” and you are working with colleagues who are selfish and rebellious.  They radiate energy of selfish and rebellious pulling energy body from high to low vibration.  


If you did not aware this and protect yourself mentally, you would have changed to a selfish person gradually.


What can you do if you want to be kind person and you are working with selfish colleagues more than 7 hours every day?  You have two options, leaving the company or staying at the company and protecting your mind mentally. 


To protect your mind, detach yourself from negative energy and information through meditation and self communication every day.   Will power is very powerful.  Using your will power and upholding a belief that I will not be affected by negative thoughts from others.

Positive Affirmations Applied On Your Body, Words, Mind

This is a true story happened in an office.  


A manager was on the line with someone who was a supplier.  She was speaking in a very respectful and polite way.  Right after she had hung up, she was scolding at the person she was talking to one the line.  Have you seen that before? 


Some people believe in one thing.  In reality, they act against their belief. 


Positive affirmation will be effective only if you believe in it, say it and do it.  Otherwise, you think about it but you can convince your mind and your body or even your soul to do it.


Remember, your mind creates your own reality.  Environment you are living in shows your thinking.  Your affirmation transfers in form of subtle energy from you mind to your body and the environment.  Then this subtle energy will be bounced back to your body and mind. 


What if you do not believe in it?  Try to put yourself into trance state and then say the positive affirmation so that it is planted into your subconscious mind.   In this way, your mind will not reject it consciously. 


Purified Mind, Purified Energy Body

Running to your destination without hurdles is faster than hurdle race.


That is the same for doing positive affirmations.  I am talking about invisible hurdles, subtle energy.    What is colour your aura?  Are you easily attached by “negative” energy?  This can be explained by a person who can see your aura and chakra. 


Negative energy embedded in your energy body for reasons such as your personality, your past life and your life now.  You can cleanse your energy body through spirituality practices such as chanting mantra and meditation.  If you have a stillness mind, you can clean your energy body more effectively.


High Power Of Energy Body

Ferrari cars with full fuel race faster…


Thoughts manifest faster when we are full of energy, having high vibration of energy bodies, and upholding positive attitudes too.  It makes positive affirmations more effective.


Energy comes from fresh fruits and vegetables, spring water, clean and fresh air and nature – that means one gets energy through walking around forest, sea sides, mountains, etc.


How to keep vibration of your energy body high?  A serene mind, a positive attitude, a kindness mind will do.  Try to meet saints and gurus and you know what I mean.


Keeping your mind, your body and your energy body clean and full of positive energy.  Then, you will find out that you are doing what you have self-suggested through positive affirmations.

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