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 9 Sep 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

A misfortune person or a rich person who wants to be richer may seek advice from fortune tellers or feng shui masters.  This is one of many ways to improve oneself.  When I was working in an office and decided to leave my home town studying abroad for two years, I went to see a fortune teller.  Years later, I have started learning spirituality, doing spiritual practices and practising moral teachings.  Afterwards, I have discovered everyone can be a fortune teller.  In order to do so, we need to give up our “ego” first and then we will find out that we have all resources and answer.

Big Change Of My Life


Back to the time that when I was working in an office and decided to leave my home town studying abroad for two years, I went to see a fortune teller who gave me advice based on Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart – A kind of Chinese Astrology.  I was an unexperienced person who did not live abroad alone for two years before.  Everything was uncertain for me.  I needed advice for what I should do in future.  This kind of Chinese Astrology did give me an quite accurate overview about my past events.  


For my future, I have a doubt about what the fortune teller has told me.    The fortune teller did not mention what I have gone through recently because the path of my life has changed and I am walking away from my original future, am I?  I was told that spiritual practices and practising moral teachings can tremendously change one’s destiny so in this case, fortune tellers will be unable to give me an accurate prediction of my future.  This proofs “everything is impermanent and constantly changed”.


Since I have started spiritual practices and practising moral teachings, my life is changing quickly.  In two years, I am changing from a person who knows nothing to a person who can understand others through their etheric bodies (energy bodies).  I was asked to be a consultant trainee of life issues again and again after I had given advice to my friend and her family members in half day.  During months of tests – I prefer to call it tests rather than training, the clients asked me..


²  What kind of jobs should I do?

²  What sickness do I have?

²  Should I quit my job?

²  How is my son’s wife?

²  What should I be paying attention of in my life?....


I tell them what I have “known”.  I believe there are people who are able to do so much better than I.  There is a woman who knows other’s future by approaching him or her.  I was told a person can tell things about the owner of the mobile phone number by seeing the mobile phone number only, etc. 

I want to emphasize that it is a “big change of life” for me which I believe it can happen on everyone. 


Here, I also want to pinpoint that…


I have told them the advice of how to tackle the issues.  If they have started changing their personalities, their behaviours and their attitudes, they will solve the issues themselves.  Otherwise, the same lessons likely happen repeatedly like the cycle of reincarnation.  This is “cause and effect”.  This is called Karma.


After number of “tests”, I have learnt the meaning of this lesson.  To handle the issues one have, one needs to access one’s “True Nature” instead of one’s future.


Then, we can see the real causes of our issues in this life.  We can improve ourselves, change our destiny ourselves, and be the fortune teller of ourselves because we are able to change our destiny after practising moral teachings. 


[Cause and Effect: Everything that happens to us is the result of what we have thought, said, or done.  What we undergo in this lifetime are the consequences of what we had done in our previous lifetimes, while what we do now will determine what we undergo in our future lifetime]


[True Nature: Our original, true self that we still have, but is currently covered by deluded thoughts and evil karma.  In essence, since we have the same True Nature as Buddhas have, we are equal to the Buddhas. Once we break through our delusion, we will uncover this True Nature and attain Supreme Enlightenment.]

How Can We Become A Fortune Teller Of Ourselves?

I did not deliberately train myself to be a fortune teller.   I just improved myself once I was unhappy with my life (see my story).  Spiritual practices and practising moral teachings can improve ourselves.  The practices also make my mind more purified, more intuitive, more aware of thoughts.  Spiritual practices and moral teachings from scriptures have being changed my life.  Since then, I tend to get advice from “myself” now.


How can you become a fortune teller of yourself if you want to?


n   Review events in our life to find out aspects we need to improve and then take action to improve ourselves constantly.

n   Learn our life lessons through events.  If the events do not occur again, we succeed.  If the events happen repeatedly, that is the challenge we have.  In this case, we need to try out best to improve ourselves so that the events do not happen again.

n   Treat all being with good deeds and accumulate good karma.

n   Do more spiritual practices which suit you and practising moral teaching stated in scriptures. 

n   Be compassionate to all beings selflessly


We are fortune tellers of ourselves.   The answers and knowledge residue in us. 

We can get advice from fortune tellers to prepare for uncertain future.  We can also do spiritual practices and practising moral teachings to change our future.

Life is a matter of choice.  You are the only one who decides what choice you will make.

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