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12 Feb 2016  Posted in Mind and Body 

It was a first time for me to listen to one of my relatives talking about her love relationship for a few hours continuously.

Throughout the discussions and conversations among three of my relatives, I have the inspiration about love relationship.

I am going to explain the following statement:


“To attract a right person to love you can be easy and difficult.”

Note: love refers to love affairs in this statement.



Why Falling in Love and marrying someone


Once I asked my friend “Why must this guy love her? Not someone else.”

My friend answered “There is no reason to love someone.”

Everything happens with a reason including the one who you have chosen to marry.

This reason can be seen by some people who know the truths only.

Therefore, it seems there is no reason to love someone.

One has put the seed of a love affair into someone in past lives.

The flower of love will be blossoming at the right time – may be after several lifetimes.

This is the manifestation of the law of universe – the Cause and Effect.

Love affairs happen because of Karma.



Creating the aura of attracting females (or males)


One of my cousins has successfully created the aura of attracting females.

This cousin did not do something deliberately to attract females.

For example, he did not deliberately change his clothing or his car to attract females.

However, some females were attracted by him naturally.

He just has a special aura which some girls find it very attractive.

I do not know how he did that.

During the conversations with the relatives, I suddenly understood why.

It is about changing one’s mindset.

When mindset is changed, the aura will be changed.

One may need to put much effort to transmute his or her aura because it is working against one’s characters and habits.



Health and aura are the elements of attractiveness


It is very true one will become more attractive when one is healthy.

I have seen two or three girls who are extremely healthy attracting plenty of males and females.

There are a few people really like to talk to her and be with her.

When one is healthy, one’s energy body is usually very clean and strong which makes one more attractive subtly.

When one is healthy, one will usually have good temper.

These are the keys to be attractive.


What else makes one more attractive?


Firstly, it is the personal character.

If one is optimistic and easy going, the person is usually accepted by others.

Of course, if one is full of love and kind, one will be surrounded by a group of people wherever one goes.

This makes one likely meet the right person for love.


Secondly, it is about energy body and one’s aura.

If one has a powerful and strong energy body, one will be a human magnet.

To build up a powerful energy body, one needs to cleanse the energy body by e.g. mediation or yoga.

Then, the energy body is “charged” through for example staying in nature for a longer time or practicing Qi Gong.


Remember, these methods just enable one to be more attractive.

One will be likable so one will meet more people.

That means one has a higher chance to find the right person for love.

It does not mean one will marry to a right person because love affairs happen due to Karma.

Marriage is destined and cannot be enforced.



“To attract a right person to love you can be easy and difficult.”

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