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27 Dec 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

Today was 26 Dec 2015.

I went to a shop in a commercial building to buy vinegar and coconut oil.

I have known this shop for 6 or 7 years.

In past, when I was there, I was focusing on selecting food.

I did not realize the type of energy emanated in the shop until today.


Today, I was in the lift going to the floor where this shop was located and I felt warm in my heart.

This is a sign of prana or qi flowing into my body from the surroundings for me.

When I walked into the shop, I felt warm, comfortable and slightly being energized.

I had this feeling when there was energy of white in colour flowing around gently.


I was surprised because I visited the shop more than 5 times and I did not discover this energy in the shop.

By the way, I was not born to able to scan the energy of a body or an environment.

Therefore, it does make sense that I did not discover this situation in past.

However, I visited this shop twice or more after 2012 and I still did not realize this point until today.

This is the reason I was surprised.


I looked around and did not find any Feng Shui decoration in the shop.

The shop owner was a Christian and he did not run courses related to Feng Shui.


        There was a newsletter of this shop stating “Good Mood is Good Feng Shui.”


He is a kind guy sharing many methods or knowledge to enhance human wellness through books, courses, radio programmes, etc..

Suddenly, I remember one point…


“A kind and compassionate person create a sound Feng Shui of a human body.

Where ever he or she stays, Feng Shui of a place will be improved…”

(This really is similar to the topic of the newsletter “Good Mood is Good Feng Shui”.)


When I was thinking about this in the lift leaving the shop, I heard a small voice in my mind…


“Religion or what he believes will contribute to the energy in his shop…”


It seems the thoughts of kindness accumulated in this shop attract the energy of white light staying there.

You may call it sacred energy which may be found in churches and caves where saints or spiritual gurus meditated over there in ancient time.


Improving Feng Shui of a place, one can do it through


placing energy products or revamping the place &

changing one’s mind so that subtle energy emanated from one’s mind will improve the energy of surroundings.


To do the former method, one needs to pay money.

To do the latter method, one needs to put a lot of effort into cultivation of mind – Moral conduct is the key.


If one is truly kindness and has done a lot of good deeds, one’s energy body will be sound enough to attract a flat of good Feng Shui which is ready to rent.

One does not need to learn Feng Shui and buy energy products to improve Feng Shui of a flat.


I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing to ask Feng Shui masters for help.

I am stating the situations and methods related to Feng Shui.

It is a personal choice of anyone whom is either paying money or cultivating one’s mind to improve Feng Shui of a place.


Feng Shui is a very challenging profession.

As a Feng Shui master, one does not only deal with Karma from the clients but also tackle Karma from oneself.

I have seen some Feng Shui masters who faces were covered by subtle energy of black aura.

Sometimes, their faces looked yellow or pale.

These are the signs of accumulation of bad Karma which they need to handle as soon as possible.

It may take days, months or years to tackle bad Karma.

I was helping a Feng Shui master for few months so I really experienced the consequences of carrying more Bad Karma.

Therefore, I respect Feng Shui masters in this industry.


Feng Shui masters who are having sound energy bodies are usually doing spiritual practices for a long time.

They are usually supported by divines they believe in.

Their third eyes are usually opened which help them to apply skills related to Feng Shui.

For example, one has a third eye opened and applied Qi Men Dun Jia…

– a kind of calculation and divination which helps to solve problems or set strategies e.g in wars.

….when checking Feng Shui of a flat.  One can see pictures or signs related to Qi Men Dun Jia in one’s mind while staying in the flat.

The ability of seeing pictures or signs in one’s mind is caused by a third eye.  It is a gift from God or Divine.

Ability of one’s third eye is accumulated by moral conducts, good deeds and compassionate mind in many life times.

Feng Shui masters and spirituality are interrelated.

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