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19 Apr 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

The following is my personal experience only.

I have decided to share this experience because there are causes and conditions stimulating me to do so.

I am neither promoting nor stopping people from offering Feng Shui or Fortune Telling consultation and energy healing.

All readers, would you please follow your heart to decide what to do when offering Feng Shui or Fortune Telling consultation and energy healing.


When we are talking about Feng Shui, it is related to….


Feng Shui of a residential area

Feng Shui of a graveyard


It is also related to the name and life blueprint of a person who lives in a place.

Therefore a Feng Shui practitioner may provide consultation services such as change of a person’s name, methods to improve health of a person, the best time to start a new project, etc..


In some cases, the suggestions of a Feng Shui master improve one’s life tremendously.

That is the job of a Feng Shui practitioner.


In 2012, I was invited to give the consultation services of Feng Shui or Fortune Telling to clients when I did not have traditional knowledge of Chinese Feng Shui, i.e. using a Chinese compass to check Feng Shui of a place, face reading, palm reading and Zi Wei Dou Shu reading (a kind of fortune telling method based on calculations).

I was this invitation because I am sensitive to Chi (Subtle energy). 

Every place and everyone have a unique type of subtle energy.

Everyone has chakras which honestly show one’s personality, status of one’s mind, etc..

The person who invited me to offer consultation service was a full-time Feng Shui practitioner.

Let’s called him “Master” in this article.


Master asked me to offer consultation for his friends because he wanted to test my ability of fortune telling and Feng Shui.

I did it because I hoped their lives would be improved after every consultation.

The result was conformity with his findings so I kept offering consultation for a period of time.


Every time I offered my consultation service, requesters gave me red pockets in which had money.

As I was new in the industry of Feng Shui and Fortune Telling,


I asked Master “Why should I get a red pocket with money?”

Master answered “A red pocket means removing ill fortune (misfortune)”.


It is a common practice to accept a red pocket with money when one has offered consultation of Feng Shui or Fortune Telling.

I remembered once I checked whether Master’s friends had good fortune or misfortune at that moment.

Afterwards, Masters asked his friends to donate money for the consultation service I had offered on that day.

There was a donation box nearby so they put money into the box afterwards.


I asked Master “Why do you ask them to donate for the consultation service?”

Master said “They have much Karma of misfortune.”


Karma is a complicated topic.

I am still a student and I am going to share my understanding of Karma based my experience and observation.

If any reader is familiar with Karma, please kindly teach me and share your views.

“You reap what you sow” is the best sentence explaining the meaning of Karma.

If you plant an apple tree, you will get an apple.

If you plant an orange tree, you will get an orange.

Karma is related to one of the spiritual laws – Cause and Effect.

To put a seed into the ground to grow is Cause.

To reap apples and oranges is Effect.

Karma is subtle energy and invisible force which leads to Effect.


The answer of Master implies that Karma of misfortune bore by his friends would be transferred to me after I had offered consultation service.

When his friends donated for my service, Effect (Karma of misfortune) would not be borne by me.

This good deed creates a good effect.


Once, one of my friends asked me to offer the consultation service to her family.

I was asked to check the health issues and personal issues for 5 or 6 people at that night.

Then, I was so exhausted and it took me 2 days to recover.

Ultimately, I was sick a week after the consultation.

When I got information from other’s energy body, it was similar to a person swimming in a pool of paint.

If the paint was red, my body became red in colour.

If the paint was blue, my body became blue in colour.

I was constantly doing some spiritual practices to remove the paint.

If I was clean, I would be alright.

If some paints left on my energy body, I would get sick sometime.

Therefore, in this case, I have learnt that it was very important to do spiritual practices constantly.

Some of spiritual practices introduced in this website are reciting Vajra Prajnaparamita Sutra and copying the text of Heart Sutra by hand.

I was doing this type of consultation for three months only.

At the end, I have donated all money I had got from consultation.


Recently, some of my friends ask me giving consultation service.

Usually, I will remind them to donate money afterwards.

I did come across a case that I did offer consultation service for the first request and then I turned it down indirectly for the second request of the same person.

It is because....


The case was more severe than I expected.

I bore Effect for the first time when I did not ask the requester to donate.


In past, I would help the requester when I was asked to.

Since then, I had stopped this service for a period of time.

Now, I focus on learning the truths and refining my mind.



I do not know what I would do when I am asked to offer a full set of consultation service in future.

It really depends on causes and conditions at that moment.


There are three important rules which I have learnt and was suggested in order to start offering the consultation service.

I will apply the same rules on offering service of energy healing in future.


1.     I will offer consultation service only if a person has asked me to.

2.     I will ask the requester to donate money for consultation service.

3.     Spiritual practices are exercised every day.

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