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28 Sep 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

I have got an impulse that I should write this down right away and share with all readers because it will benefit to you and help you to be successful in your life.

Success does not come from a big bang. 

A person who is always gearing up meets success. 

You cannot choose your parents but you can choose and change your life by actualisation. 

Take action now and search the answers of the following headlines for yourselves.

Learn Theology

Divines and Gods teach you how to improve or change your life and how the universe works. 

Having learnt the truths, you will be able to live without so much troubles, problems, obstacles, etc.


Read the books which resonate with you. 

If you are greatly interested in them, apply for studying a degree course of Theology. 

Learn How To Enhance Your Intelligence

I am not talking how much knowledge you have learnt.  I am talking about Intelligence Quotient.

Intelligence? I.Q.? Yes. 


I have seen people who are eager to learn something but are not capable to learn. 

Some people are good at learning through reading pictures or listening but are unable to learn through reading words. 

This really stops these people learning things from books. 

Without a good teacher, how can these people learn to improve themselves? 

This is very crucial for self-improvement and success.


In Buddhism, there are methods to enhance your intelligence. 

Practising Tibetan debates, reading scriptures, chanting kinds of mantras can achieve this end. 


Intelligence enables you to keep learning more and never stop learning. 

A successful person never stops learning.

Learn One Foreign Language

You can only learn special types of knowledge from certain countries. 

If you are interested in engineering, go to learn German.  

If you are interested in fashion, go to learn French or Italian. 


Once you are good at the foreign language, you can read their books, travel these countries or even get jobs related to them. 

To decide which foreign language you will learn, ask yourself “what do you want to do in your life?”. 

Passion and interest is always the first priority for making this decision.

Broaden Your Horizon And Be Open M

Observation is one of the keys to be successful. 

Learning through observation, you will see the difference among all things. 

You will see the wisdom in our life. 

Stay at the same place makes one feel comfortable. 

However, exploring transform your life into meaningful and successful one.

Learn Things Which Most Of The People Don’t Know (e.g know how)

This may be quite strange in some ways but it is very true. 

You may hear people talking about the things that they know.  

In our life, the most important is the things that we don’t know. 

It is not only the tangible things that affect our life but also the intangible things. 

Intangible know-how turn your into a more successful person.

Learn To Define Your Purpose Of Life

Why were we born in these countries? 

Everyone has a mission in one’s life. 

That is why you are reading this article. 

Find your purpose of life now.

Learn Where Your Passion Comes From

Your passion always shows what you should learn in your life. 

Without passion, you will lose yourself in this world.


Do more charity, donations, volunteer jobs. Think of the benefits for others first and you will smooth away all difficulties.

That is the life of a successful person.

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