Energy Part 3

21 Oct 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

Letters are energy. 

If writers have pure mind, it will be emanated through their writings.

When I became more sensitive to energy, I chose a “good” book based on energy and vibration.

Many spiritual masters have written and published books to explain the truths.

As I was unfamiliar with them, I detected energy of the book emanated from words of the book.

Words written by a person represents everything of that person including his or her energy body.

I would choose the books which have higher vibration.

Reading books of high vibration can help to ascend our mind “to certain extent”.


Scriptures have higher vibration too.

It is beneficial spiritually if we always read scriptures.  

Scriptures which explain the truths – absolute truths - are worth to read constantly.

We learn the truths and connect with energy emanated from spiritual masters.

Through reading and practising the absolute truths, we will be enlightened and become more intelligent.

Meanwhile, vibration is raised when the time and conditions are right.

In this website, there are e-scriptures of Heart Sutra and Diamond Sutra for anyone to read.


Detecting the energy of books was my old habit in 2012.

I detected the energy of books 2 or 3 times and then I have stopped doing it.

Analyzing the background of the writer and main concepts of his or her books can help to define whether they are good spiritual books.

Our bodies will know what we need including what books we need to read.

This skill is usually called intuition.


Cantong Qi


3 weeks ago, I went a library to borrow a book.

I got the number of the book from a computer and searched it from book shelves.

When I was standing in front of a book shelf, I skimmed names of books.

I found the book I had searched.

Then, I looked around the books and was attracted by the word “Dao” in Chinese on one book.

As I was running out of time, I left the library and planned to go back to the library for the attractive word, “Dao” in Chinese.


A week ago, I went to back to the library again.

I felt that I shall read something related to Daoism because of the attractive word, “Dao” in Chinese.

I read several books which were called Cantong Qi.  I did not know what it was so I read one of them.

After reading part of the book, I decided to borrow 2 of them.

It was my body (Mind) left a picture of the word “Dao” in Chinese in my mind.

The picture triggered my feeling of reading books related to “Daoism”

Therefore, I was eager to go back to the library and looked for the books.

At the end, Canton Qi was a good book which is right for me.

This book searching case is led by intuition.

Intuitively thinking can be enhanced either by training or doing meditation.

Intuition is just another form of detecting energy.

It is our body which perceives the energy (message) from the environment and translates it.




Each word written by a person has its soul.

Written words emanate a writer’s energy body.


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