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18 Oct 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

Our five sensors can “decode” more than one type of senses. 

Eyes can see a sound in form of vision and colour. 

Noses can smell a sound when it is a smell of something. 

We can go much further than that. 

Our mind can access energy anywhere in the world.


Everyone has this ability to do it potentially.  .

Energy “treats” everyone equally - Everyone can access information regardless of space.


I have verified these 2 points through I Ching Divination


A divinator needs tools (e.g. wooden sticks, coins, cards) to carry out divination of I-Ching.

Hexagrams of I Ching are symbols emanating unique energy.

If our five sensors can receive and distinguish the energy of Hexagrams, one can carry out divination without tools.

No calculation is required.  We all potentially have an ability to identify energy of I Ching Hexagrams.


Energy and I Ching Hexagrams


When I was curious about how energy worked, I had taken an experiment with Mr. A.

I told Mr. A “I guess I can carry out divination without a tool.”

To prove this assumption, Mr. A gave me a photo of a book which had statements of I Ching 64 Hexagrams.

This book was owned by Mr. A and I do not have the book – I might have seen 3 or 4 photos showing several pages of this book.

Mr. A had asked the questions about the spiritual paths of me and one common friend.
Then, I “drew” a Hexagram to answer the questions.

To “draw” a Hexagram, I inputted the data of the book into my mind through the photo of the book.

Then, “I” picked one I Ching Hexagram from a chart of I-Ching 64 Hexagrams in the internet.

(“I” is the word used in this material world.  Precisely, I will say it is my higher self who did that through my body.)

The I Ching Hexagrams chosen by me foretold the future which had happened after the experiment.

Therefore, Mr. A was convinced by this experiment.

It is possible for a person to access energy (a book) which stores data (statements of I Ching Hexagram) wherever it is.


Referring to the experiment I have written previously, one of the questions was about my spiritual path.

The question was “What will my spiritual path be?”.  I asked the question in November 2013.


The answer came from a fortune slip of Zhuge Shen Suan (諸葛神算)

– “Zhuge” is the surname of a chancellor in ancient China and Shen Suan means miraculous prediction. 

Mr. Zhuge wrote one message (a poem) for each line of every I-Ching Hexagram.

There were totally 384 messages (6 lines x 64 Hexagrams) in Zhuge Shen Suan.

The answer was I-Ching Hexagram 41, Decrease, 5th line.  

The message of its fortune slip was generally positive.

It was a poem that I did not fully understand at that moment.  Then, I left it behind.

This week, I checked it out in the internet and saw some explanations.

Two of explanations were…


If one is persistent and have long-lasting willpower, one will likely succeed.

One remains calm and composed while handling pressing affairs.  Good news will come unexpectedly and continuously.  One will have a good harvest.


I recall that I have done different spiritual practices since December 2013.

In 2 years, I encountered difficult trials but I was greatly rewarded afterwards.

Things go more smoothly in my life now.

This situation matches up with the message so far.


I have not carried out I-Ching Divination to get an advice or a prediction for my spiritual path now.

It is because whatever the message is, I have to practice and refine my mind.

If I stopped practising, nothing would have been achieved.

When one is working on a right track spiritually, issues or problems will disappear and will be solved quickly.

One will become more intelligent to choose the right spiritual path.

One does not need spiritual guidance through I-Ching divination.


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