Energy Part 1

16 Oct 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

Everything is Energy.

I have started studying Energy after my body has greatly reacted to EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) in 2012.

EMF was very strong in a train when most passengers were playing with i phones.

Mobile phones, televisions and computers are very strong EMF emitters.

I came across information of dowsing, earth grids, sacred geometries, etc.

In my home town, there is a person who is teaching earth grids and dowsing skills so I joined some classes.

I have learnt that everything has a magnetic field in the classes.

A piece of plastic has a magnetic field which is more difficult to be detected.

However, it has its frequency.


Dowsing did not give me a complete answer of what is energy.

Therefore, I turned around and learnt something else, energy healing.

I attended about 5 or 6 courses in a pranic healing center.

In the center, I learnt “what is spirituality” and “How to heal ourselves with prana”.

They taught many skills of healing which are good enough for someone who wants to be a healer.

At the end, I have not finished all courses offered by the center because I focus on learning the truths.

Practicing the truths can heal mind and bodies effectively so I have not practiced those healing skills for a long time.


I wanted to learn more so I read books and information about energy.

Eventually, I realize that…..


A human body is similar to an antenna.  Everyone can detect subtle energy. There are some conditions and methods which activate a body to detect.


I watched a series of video teaching basic knowledge of energy.  The teacher said….


“When someone is learning energy, he or she will try and practise many times to sharpen detecting skills.

It is better to learn to detect energy step by step. For example,

1)     Detecting Qi –

l   Control energy flowing out from a finger of the right hand and to a palm of the left hand. 

l   practices again and again to measure the size and texture of Qi flowing from the right hand to the left hand. 

It may take days or months for a person to measure Qi accurately through this process.

2) Holding a chopstick by the right hand and controlling Qi to flow from fingers of the right hand to the middle of the chopstick….”


“To detect the magnetic field or the frequency of anything accurately, one has to detect and measure the magnetic field or energy body of oneself first.

Because everything has a magnetic field, it shall be started to identify the magnetic field of everything little by little including one’s body.  Otherwise, it is difficult to figure out the correct emitter of a magnetic field……  Cultivation (Practice) – refining one’s mind is the criteria of detecting energy accurately.”


Concentration, Patience and Practice are three elements to train our mind to detect energy precisely.

Nowadays, the pace of life is very fast.  Urban life is vibrant to draw attention to the world outside a body.

Getting used to aware the world outside will cultivate wandering mind.

Inner world of mind will be left behind.

Therefore, when one learns to detect energy, one has to learn to be aware of the inner world.

Awareness of inner world is one of the ways to cultivate our mind.  It is cultivation and practice.


I was asked “did you learn to detect energy little by little?”

Honestly, I did not.  Recalling my past experience about Qi and energy, I did not know what was going on at the beginning.  I became a strong “detector” suddenly and unexpectedly.   I did not have a master to ask.  Eventually, I disregarded reaction to energy which was usually strong in past.  Now, I start to identify emitters of different magnetic fields by my mind.  I start to learn from the very beginning – detecting little by little.


In the video, the teacher invited a girl to express her experience of learning from someone in dreams and said…


        “The reason I have invited her is to show that you are not alone.  You will be helped by the upperworld.  When you learn to detect energy, you will know you are not learning alone…”


He meant that subtle beings in the universe will come to teach and guide the right person.  I am unsure about this point although I had experience of being helped by a subtle being once.  I mean it is possible to happen like that.  It is just me who is inexperienced.  Therefore, I do not know much know about it.  


It seems learning to detect energy will open the door of the other side of the world.

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