Efficiency: How Do You Take Data And Convert It Into Knowledge And Insight?                 

 26 Aug 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

I read a question “How do you take data and convert it into knowledge and insight?” from a twitter’s account.  In past, it was a question that I always asked myself.  After learning spirituality and purifying my mind, I have discovered it is possible to obtain data, insight, even truths by other ways.  This can enhance one’s ability of solving a problem and increase efficiency.


What Are Data, Knowledge and Insight?

A dictionary shows the definitions of data, knowledge and sight as follows:


Data: Facts and statistics collected together for reference or anlaysis

Knowledge: Facts, Information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject

Insight: An accurate and deep understanding of someone or something


What People Has Learnt To Convert Data Into Knowledge And Insight In Schools?

Data is collected consciously through surveys, books, journals and newspapers,etc.. Based on a subject or a question, a theory is finalized by analysing data and information.  When there is the same pattern of something or the same norm of a group of people, a theory is formed.   This becomes knowledge of a subject.  

Through observation and investigations, an accurate and deep understanding of a subject has been developed namely insight.  This method may be taught in schools or universities. 

Data, knowledge and insight will help to solve problems in workplaces and daily life.  This is a logical way to tackle problems.

How About Obtaining Data, Insights and Truths In Spiritual Perspective?

Data is collected unconsciously.  We have got all resources we need in every one of us.  When there are few or no wandering thoughts and our mind is more purified, we are able to take much data like an aerial, decoding energy located anywhere in the world and beyond.


One may obtain the data by asking a question to oneself and the answer is shown in daily life (e.g. TV news, books), in a dream, in form of a voice from nowhere, etc., or answer is delivered through intuition.  In some cases, data is collected without asking a question deliberately such as prophecies from dreams.


As there is so much information every day, one needs to learn how to verify that it is the right answer for the question.  When the answer is obtained, we need to


1.      listen or read the information related to the answer from different sources

2.      investigate and study about the information to understand its feasibility

3.      practise based on the information

4.      verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the information related to the answer


Practising these 4 steps from time to time, one will obtain more insight and in some circumstances, collect more truths.


When one is going through these 4 steps, there are 2 key attitudes


²  Never “attach” to your insight – there is no True or False for everything.

²  Put all data and knowledge aside and learn a new thing with a mind like an “empty cup”


One is not asked to reject or give up what has been learnt.  One is asked to learn a new thing without any other perceptions.  Otherwise, it makes one’s mind to deny a new thing which one is going to learn.


On the other way round, one can learn truths of the universe from books, scriptures, etc..

Then, investigate, practise and verify truths in one’s daily life.  In this way, one will obtain and understand more truths.  As one understands more truths, one’s life will change.


Purified Mind And Efficiency

Through spiritual practices such as meditation to purifying our mind, we will be more accessible to truths and wisdom.


Upholding the following principles can accelerate the process of mind purification:


  •   Increase awareness to purify our mind 
  • Understanding everything is impermanent and constant change – there is no “self” in everything, no true or false
  • Applying “cause and effect” in our daily life – everything happened has a reason which is originated from this life and past life.  Observing all events this way helps to detach oneself from all emotion.
  • Compassionate with all beings selflessly all the time


When our mind is more purified, our efficiency of work and the ability of tackling a problem will be increased.  In a workplace, one will be able to make a correct decision.  In one’s life, one will go to the right direction of life.  Decisions will be made through intuition.


To take data and convert it into knowledge and insight, we need to analyse the data through 4 steps


Ø   Read and Listen

Ø   Investigate and study its feasibility

Ø   Practise

Ø   Verify


If one has a more purified mind, one can collect data differently and make decisions through intuition.

This enables one to increase efficiency and the ability of solving a problem.

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