Eczema and Detoxification

7 Jan 2016  Posted in Health

Since November 2015, I have joined a group of people who are using essential oils.

Some of them in the group asked how to heal children whom were suffering from eczema by essential oils.

I shared types of food which eczema patients shall not eat in the group.

I had eczema for three or four years but I was not born to have eczema.

Now, I am totally recovered from eczemae and would like to share some experience about eczema.


Cause of Eczema


As far as I learnt from books and my experience, there are two aspects of the causes of eczema.

The first aspect is related to Liver.

If a body cannot manage to detoxify the foods through excrements, sweats and urine, toxins will be spread on skin forming eczema.

The second aspect is about personal characters.

If one is nervous and fussy frequently, it is easily for him or her to have eczema.


I had eczema because of both aspects.

On top of that, I did not eat 3 meals at regular times and I worked 10 hours or more a day in past 10 years.

Therefore, my body did not have sufficient energy to work.

I was not malnutrition but I got sick easily in past.


I was very emotional in past – now I have changed since learning spirituality and doing spiritual practices.

This character came from a weaker liver and intestines.

Livers and intestines are located at Solar Plexus Chakras.

My solar plexus chakra was not strong enough to energize my liver and intestines.

This chakra, my liver and intestines affect my characters too.

I was getting emotional easier than other people who have healthy livers, intestines and Solar Plexus Chakras since they were born.


There is a subtle energy channel from a forehead, going down to a stomach and intestines through a nose.

Energy flows from Solar Plexus Chakra going up to a nose and blows out at temple at both sides of human’s head.

If Solar Plexus Chakra runs slowly, a nose will be energized rarely.

Weak livers and intestines not only cause eczema but also diseases related to a nose.

In my case, I was suffering moderate nose allergy.



How to heal eczema?


l   Stop to eat processed foods.

l   Eat foods which help to detoxify.

l   Chant Mantras.

l   Liver and Intestines cleansing.


At the beginning, I visited a doctor of Chinese Medicines when I was suffering from severe eczema.

I was healed when drinking herbal medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Once I had stopped drinking herbal medicines, eczema appeared again.

It did not heal from the root.


Then, I tried to heal myself by diets when I was suffering from severe eczema.

This method was really working on me.

If I had eczema after eating the foods from a restaurant, I would not go there to eat again.

To my surprise, there were less than 5 restaurants which passed the foods tests.

In addition, I stopped eating processed food, MSG, snacks and drinking beverages in cans.

I also stopped eating pathogenic foods such as chocolates, mangos, beefs, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, etc..

Once I had severe eczema after eating durians and I did not know durians was one type of pathogenic foods too.

Then, I bought a book to learn pathogenic foods.


The only thing which helped me to heal eczema frequently is dark plum juice.

Eczema was stopped for a while after I had drunk dark plum juice.

When I did not drink dark plum juice for a period of time, eczema did come back sometimes.


Finally, eczema was totally stopped by chanting a mantra.

The mantra is Om mani padme hum.

I was asked to chant this mantra 108 times or more every day.

I did not realize one of the benefits of chanting this mantra was healing sicknesses.

And I recall this benefit after I have recovered.

It was true and I have verified it.

That was an interesting experience.



Livers and Intestines cleansing can also help to cure eczema.

However, I was not thinking about these when I was suffering from severe eczema.

I don’t know how effective of those cleansing methods on my body.

Based on health lectures, it is good to do Livers and Intestines cleansing twice a year for a healthy person.



How does a liver detoxify?


3 weeks ago, I am carrying out detoxification of liver by Apple Cider Vinegar.

After I had drunk two third of 473ml Apple Cider Vinegar, an interesting event happened in the morning.

I felt aching on my belly and wanted to go to toilet.

Then, I tried to ease the pain by directing the energy causing my belly aching out of my body through my belly button.

I did it successfully so I used the inner eyes to view guts in my belly.

I saw my liver expelling subtle energy, which was dark in colour, out of my body after drinking a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Because the dark energy was flooding out of my liver, my intestines moved the dark energy to my anus.


When I had a second cup of Apple Cider Vinegar, I used the inner eyes to view my guts in my belly again.

First, the liquid was in my stomach and the colour of subtle energy of vinegar was red – see picture below:

Second, the energy was heading toward my liver – see picture below:

Third, the dark energy was flooding out of my liver and flowing into intestines – see picture below:

This dark energy can move out of the body together with or without excrements.


This makes me learning more about Apple Cider Vinegar.

Based on the information in the internet, Apple Cider Vinegar can detoxify a liver.

This observation proves that Apple Cider Vinegar really does its work.

To make this working on my body, I had to drink 2 to 3 table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar mixing with water (250 ml) three times a day for 21 days.

Everyone needs different dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar to make liver detoxification effective.

Observing how a body reacts can help to decide the dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar.

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