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26 Jun 2014   Posted in Mind and Body 

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This is my story about detach from negative emotion.  I was eating out in a restaurant chatting with a friend who asked me to build my self-esteem.   Working for companies for a long time, my job was to serve many teammates eroding my self-esteem.   Next day, I reminisced the word, self-esteem, starting to think that it might be related to the working experiences such as being scolded by superiors and colleagues, long working hours (9 – 11 hours per day).   Then, I was crying in the office once I thought about my hard time.   Tears would not stop until I stopped thinking about it. 


During lunch time, I was contemplating the reason of crying over my hard time of my career in past.  Suddenly, I knew I pretended “It was alright to be scolded. It was alright to work 9 – 11 hours a day”.  Unconsciously, I rejected such working experiences and had hidden the negative emotion for a long time.  I realized “It was time to move forward and change my life.”  Surprisingly, I stopped crying over it again. 


“When one knows the cause, effect will stop”

My sub-conscious mind was totally recovered when I knew the cause of the negative emotion.  In my aforementioned story, the negative emotion was released through crying which is an unusual way to detach from emotion.  There are other ways to detach your mind from negative emotions and feelings:


1)     Keep oneself close to nature: Hiking, walking around forests or gardens, bathing in seas are healthy activities related to natural environment.  Listening to the sounds created by nature such as the sound of gentle breeze or the sound of ocean waves and watching scenic landscape will make you calm.

2)     Do Exercise:  

l   Jogging in a garden, along the seaside or around a mountain is beneficial to one’s body.  This exercise triggers central nervous system and pituitary gland to produce endorphins which make one feeling happy.  This also promotes mental healthiness and reduces stress.  

l   Qi Gong and Tai Chi are better options for someone who is weak. Qi Gong and Tai Chi can exercise one’s organs without using much energy and make one’s mind focus at one activity.  Therefore, one will calm down indirectly. Constantly practising Qi Gong and Tai Chi improve the circulation of blood. 

3)     Write down negative events on a paper and burn the paper:  This is a method which is not only release negative energy from your body, but also affirm and review the events yourself.  Here comes the steps:

l   Recall tough time, difficult issues and the related emotions

l   Write down negative events and feelings on a paper

l   Burn the paper as soon as possible.

l   This is an optional step.  After a period of time, recall the same events and feelings again.  Writing them down on a paper and feel to confirm whether the negative emotion still residue in your mind or not.  Meanwhile, you may review the events for self improvement.  If the emotion is still in your mind, you burn the paper again.

4)     Meditation:  Meditation can train you to focus on one activity, cleansing the mind of impurities and disturbances, etc.  There are many types of meditations.  In this article, we state the following 2 types of meditations. 

l   “Moving” or “Drawing” as Meditation: Tea ceremony, incense ceremony, drawing, calligraphy to certain extent is a kind of meditations.  When you are doing these activities, you have to feel the different sensations in your body while you are doing these activities. These enable your mind to concentrate.  This meditation skill can also be applied on your daily life’s jobs.  


l   Breathing Meditation:  One may sit on a chair or sit cross-legged, keeping the body erect and mindfulness alert. With your eyes closed or half closed, you observe your breathing in and breathing out.  The most important point of this meditation is your mind should be so fully concentrated on your breathing for 5 minutes – 15 minutes.   It can stabilize and purify your mind.  This meditation will be more effective once you have solved your personal issues.


To uphold mental health, it is crucial to let go whatever has happened and detach your mind from the negative emotions and feelings.


Keep yourself close to naturedoing exercise and burning a paper stating your negative emotion purify your mind.  If one constantly attach to events and negative emotions, one will have the negative emotion again and again like a cycle.  In this case, it is better to practise meditation which cleanses the negative emotions and tranquilizes one’s mind. 


Learning detachment from the negative emotion, finding out the reason of having such emotions and applying meditation on your daily life - just like you are an audience who is watching a movie about your life – can help to jump out of the vicious cycle and maintain mental balance.

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