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24 Dec 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

When we are living spiritual life, we are looking from our inner world instead of from physical world.


Inner world is more abstract and invisible so we mostly don’t realize it.

We improve our life through learning knowledge from physical world.

We can learn and using those tools and knowledge.

Do they really work out effectively?


We can check the effectiveness of the tools and knowledge by asking the following questions:


l   How often do you have sickness?

l   Are you having sound relationships with our parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.?

l   Have you got obstacles in your career?


If one has less and less problems in health, relationships, careers, lives, etc. after applying the knowledge, one is heading towards the right direction.

Otherwise, one needs to design the spiritual journey again.

Spirituality helps to improve one’s life. 

If it does not work out, there is something else one can do to get back to the right direction.


The aforementioned questions are the criterions for checking one’s stage of spiritual life because those are the aspects which karmic debtors will affect.

Karmic debtors can either be spirits, entities or human beings.

When one has done something either good or bad to “karmic debtors” in previous lives and this life, one will pay it back someday.

[Although I am using the words, good and bad, in this article enabling readers to understand the concept of “karmic debtors”, the ideals of good and bad are relative and are within the realm of duality.  These terms cannot be applied to Absolute Truth which is beyond duality and relativity.]


If you have done something good such as giving away money to people in need in past (or past lives), one will earn or get more money.

You have done something bad for example quarreling with others in past (or past lives).

Then, arguments with families and friends are ways to settle karmic debts.

Sickness is another way to pay back to invisible karmic debtors.

This is just a generalization of how the cause and the effect work in our life.

In fact, it is more complicated.


People who have third eyes opened will see part of this process or the whole process.

For those who do not have third eyes opened, it is more difficult for them to realize this process.


If there are a few debts, it can be settled in numbers of days.

Sickness can be healed by seeing doctors, eating medicines, etc.

In some severe cases, sickness will come back or has never been cured after going through different types of treatments.

This principle can also be applied on the aspects of relationships, careers, etc..

If so, it is the time to design one’s spiritual journey again.


To appease karmic debtors, one can chant mantras and recite scriptures.

These need to be based on a compassionate mind and a regretful mind.

When you believe in these methods, whole-heartedly regret and eagerly pay back karmic debtors, the methods can be extremely effective.


Reciting Vajra Prajnaparamita Sutra (or the Diamond Sutra) can appease karmic debtors.

To work it out more effectively, one should respect this sutra, regret for all mistakes one has done in past (and in past lives) and then, recite the sutra.


If anyone believes in it and/or is interested in reciting Vajra Prajnaparamita Sutra every day, please click here.

It shows the English text of this sutra and the suggested steps for reciting this sutra.

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