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06 Sep 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

I am writing to explain the meaning of Dao () mentioned in my last post Qi Gong and Virtue.

What I am going to explain comes from Dao De Jing which is a famous scripture of Taoism.

I understand only qualified teachers can teach others the meaning of Dao De Jing.

I am pleased to accept readers who rectify the points about Dao De Jing in this web page.


Virtuous person shall review behaviour and speeches to ensure they match up with Dao ().

What is Dao?

It is where we are born.

It is matters and events happening in the universe.

It is regular patterns in the universe.

We wake up and sleep following the time of sunrise and sunset in four seasons.

Four seasons form because the Earth is revolving around the Sun.

How the Earth orbits is affected by planets.

These are regular patterns of solar system.

These are natural phenomena of the Universe.

This is Dao.

Human beings are living in the Universe.



What have we learn from Dao and Nature?


Nature is changing from time to time.

A seed is sprouting nurtured by the sun, the soil and water.

It grows into a tree blossoming.

Finally, a tree will decay and dies.

Everything has this process.

However, nature has never interrupted this process.


Yin and Yang are combined together in harmony.

In an atom, nucleus is positively charged and electrons are negatively charged.

Electrons travel around the nucleus.

The nucleus consists of protons which are positively charged and neutrons which have no charge.

Nucleus and electrons are attracted to one another because of their opposite charges.

Electrons are orbiting around the nucleus.

Nucleus, including neutrons & protons, and electrons are combined and running in harmony.

Yang represents a Positive Charge whereas Yin represents a Negative Charge.


Neutrons, protons and electrons have various charges.

Protons which are positively charged like good things in our life.

Electrons which are negatively charged like bad things in our life.

Neutrons which have no charge like neutral things meaning that things or behaviours do not create positive and negative effects.

They all come together in diversity and become an atom.

We can learn to live like an atom by accepting all bad and good things in our life.

We learn to live with various things / human beings in harmony.

This way of life is conformity with the nature.

This is Dao.




Observation of the nature and lives help us to live in Dao.

We can find out what things we feel uncomfortable with and accept them.

When we accept more circumstances, we become more serene.

This is one of the ways to practise Qi Gong.

Because we are calm, we will not spend much energy to express our positive and negative emotion.

In this way, we can often keep our energy body stable and strong.

This increases our ability to concentrate and live in now.

A peaceful mind nurtures inner wisdom.

As stated in Dao De Jing Chapter 33: 知人者智,自知者明

-        A person who knows many things is smart; A person who knows himself / herself very well is wisdom.

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