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Christmas was one of the many festivals that people will celebrate.

When I did not know much about subtle energy, Christmas was just a common festival.

In three years, I felt subtle energy from different sources.

Christmas was a right time to do more good deeds.

Our good deeds will be magnified and the effects will be enlarged in Christmas.


Christmas was a right time to do more good deeds because it was when ancient spiritual masters or gods were born.

At their birthdays, sacred energy was filled up the air.

Then, every year, the same sacred energy was filled up the air again at the same time.

Sacred energy started filling one or two days before their birthdays every year.

For example, this year, it started from 22 December 2015 till today (29 Dec 2015).


When chanting scriptures, the energy emanated through the voices was enlarged.

I was feeling hot and swearing when chanting scriptures when Christmas was coming soon.

My karmic debtors (spirit orbs) were touched by the sacred energy so many of them would leave.

It took more than 15 minutes to let all of them leaving.

This situation happened during Christmas in 2015.


Chinese celebrated winter solstice.

Winter solstice is the first day of gradual return of the sun after a prolonged period of darkness.

This is the day when winter starts to fade.

I-Ching Hexagram Twenty-Four, Returning represents this day.

It is 5 Yin lines on the top of 1 Yang line.  Yang represents the energy of the sun.


Interestingly, I read a statement written by someone in the internet.

On December 25, the birth of the sun god Mithras was celebrated.

Christmas, December 25, seems to represent the rising of sun energy in a myth too.

This concept really matches up with the physical situation of gradual return of the sun after a prolonged period of darkness.



In 2015, 22 December was the day of winter solstice which was not far from Christmas.

Chinese usually would gather and have a dinner together to celebrate winter solstice.

On that day, Chinese from the north would eat dumplings with meat filling and Chinese from the south would eat dumplings with sweet fillings.


Dumplings with meat fillings came from a Chinese legend related to Zhangzhongjing, a great doctor from The Eastern Han Dynasty in China.

Many riches and high officials asked for his medical consultations every day.

When he was going back to his home town, he saw many people from the same village walking along the frozen river for living in winter.

It was very cold that their ears were damaged by cold burn.  He could not leave it behind.

Therefore, he gave all his jobs of medical consultations to his students and built a small clinic hut along the river.

He put dumplings without fillings and put them into the soup of medical herbs and lambs.

People who came to beg for medical herbs were given a bowl of the soup.  They felt warm after drinking the soups.

He donated the soups to them for a month and after a month, their ears were recovered.


Although Christmas is really a right time to do good deeds, we shall be kind in heart and try to carry out good deeds regardless of time, places and races of people.

If we are as a kind as Zhangzhongjing, we will be given abilities to serve others in need.

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