Changes After Visiting Bali

31 July 2016  Posted in Mind & Body

Anyone who is sincere in carrying out purpose of one’s life will face challenges and trials.  Through challenges and trials, one will learn lessons which are crucial and then one’s aura or energy body will be transformed representing change of one’s mind.  Because of transformation of the energy body and mind, one’s life will be changed.   This is some of people who will experience in their spiritual paths.  


I have gone through some changes since 2012.

In 2012, the light of my mind was turned on.  I was a person who did not feel energy of everything.  One day, I had bought a pendent which shielded my body from electronic magnetic frequency and then I have started to feel, see and hear the spiritual world.

In 2013, I met a group of spiritual friends who taught me how to do spiritual practices. 

In 2014, I was asked to leave the company I worked for years and then I was resting for almost a year.  During this year, I have discovered the main objective of my spiritual life.  Time, money and wisdom are the important elements to serve the humility and help others.  I have left most of spiritual friends I met in 2013.

In 2015, I had started working in a new company with my French boss.  It was a very interesting job as I came across tasks I had never done before.  Then, my boss left and since then, I am working alone in the office. 

In 2016, I met one or two new friends.  I went to Bali in May.  Afterwards, in a friend’s gathering, I saw the number 108 appearing in front of me.  It was only me who saw the number.  I have checked the spiritual meaning of 108 and it implies that my life would be changed again.  Actually, my relationships, my career and my finance are being changed since the beginning of this year…..



In five years, the changes were very dramatic each year and I was encountering challenging events.  Every time, I was handling and tackling all issues myself – therefore, some people say it is not easy to get over in the spiritual path.  After solving each issue, my wisdom has been increased.   In 2013, my energy body was severely blocked and it has taken me over 3 years to cleanse it.   Since I have visited Bali, the blockages in the centre of my energy body are being removed.  At the beginning, it was the Sun and Grounding in Bali helping me to sweep negative energy out of my body.  Then, the cleansing process is being accelerated through Sun/Moon/Mother Meditations with yogic breathing.  I am writing all of these experiences to explain and verify one point that is…


When your mind changes and your energy body transforms, your life will be changed too….


Meanwhile, if you are carrying out the purpose of your life, this transformation will be dramatic and be completed in a short time.  Changes will come again and again. I have gone through spiritual awakening and Dark Light of the Soul.  The first one happened in 2012 and the second one appeared in July 2016. 


The signs that you are walking away from the purpose of your life are…

l   There are many events which really hurt you so much.

l   There are events which are indirect causes of sicknesses and diseases.

l   There are events which happen oppositely – opposite to your expectations.


To go back to the direction of the purpose of your life, you firstly review any issues you eagerly to improve in your life.

During the process of improvement, the causes of the issues will appear.  Then, it is important to find out physical and mental aspects of the causes. 

The changes will come if you review negative aspects of your soul and transform them.

Exercising meditation, yoga, Qi Gong can transform your energy body and your mind.  This change rises externally.

As our mind manifests our world, transformation of our mind accelerates the changing of our life.  Changes happening internally and in our mind are the most crucial point.

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