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When you are doing something which is spiritually beneficial to yourself, please do not give up because of challenges.

Challenges appear obviously when one sets his or her mind on achieving their spiritual objectives.

The road of spiritual path is long and sometimes extremely challenging.

What shall we do if we encounter challenges?

I-Ching Hexagram Three, Sprouting provides us some advices.

Challenges may stop us from going forward temporary but it is a good time to stay still and learn as much as possible.

To stop temporary is also a good thing in this case.  Remember…


l   Stop and study the issue thoroughly.

l   Learn the principle cause of the issue.

l   Learn to tackle the issue.

l   Be well prepared when the challenge is coming soon.


In the spiritual path, the most common challenge one may have is that things will be slow down when trying to learn and buy something which is good for one’s mind and body.

The challenges are very subtle that one needs to observe lives from different aspects to make it out.

These involve Karma one has in different situations.

I am trying to explain it through my personal experience.



Learning Meditation


In June 2014, I took a 2-night class learning how to cultivate oneself and how to do meditation.

The venue where this class held was not far from my office – it took me 20 minutes to walk to there on foot.

If I was off duty on-time, I had plenty of time to have a dinner in a restaurant before attending the class.

I was successfully off-duty on time and arrived at the venue 30 minutes in advance to attend the first class.

However, it was totally different for the second class.

I had an important task to do so I was off-duty 30 minutes later than my plan.

Therefore, I bought a sandwich & a soft drink and ate the sandwich at the venue.

I was not late but I was going to the venues and had my dinner in a rush.

Why was there such a big difference?

It was related to my balance sheet of Karma and the topics of the class.



In the first class, the spiritual master explained the essential factors of cultivating oneself. 

The essential factors were well explained by other spiritual masters.

It was helpful to review and understand deeply those essential factors.

As I have learnt part of the information, it just made me understand more.


In the second class, the spiritual master taught how to mediate properly.

It was the first time for me to know how to do proper visualization during meditation.

This skill was very effective in removing some dark forces out of my body.

It helped me to ascend and further cleanse my energy body.

This greatly improves my physical body and energy body.

Therefore, my karmic debtors tried to hinder me from learning this meditation.

Hindrance was very subtle.  An hour before the second class, I got an urgent task which took me longer time to finish.

Karmic debtors can affect how we think and affect people we know to challenge us – That was how I got my urgent task on that day.

This mechanism is very subtle and can be discovered if we observe and remember everything happens on us.



Buying Essential Oils


I have been asking my friend to help me buying essential oils from USA.

Every time, she chooses to pass me the items after work.

After she had set the meeting date, I would have urgent tasks to do 5 minutes before leaving the office.

I met her 30 minutes or an hour later than our planned meeting time.

I explained to her that essential oils were helpful and beneficial greatly to my body.

Therefore, there were urgent tasks right before seeing her.

Karmic debtors put their effort in challenging me to certain extent because they have abilities to know I will become healthier after using the essential oils.

I got the items I purchased but it was done in a rush every time.

Finally, I am getting healthier after using essential oils.



The more the challenges, the more the effort we shall put to finish our tasks.

Do not give up because of challenges.

It is a good time to stay still and learn as much as possible.

Issues will be solved if we sincerely work on it with compassion and kindness.

Persistently carry out good deeds will help us to go through the challenges quickly.


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