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14 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

I was recalling and reading books about chakras. 

Chakras can be related to Kabbalah (Tree of Life), personalities and I-Ching.

Personalities lead to certain type of sickness because of the accumulation of negative emotion in a body.

Spiritual practices help to remove the subtle energy of negative emotion from the body.

Overview Of Chakras

A chakra is an energy centre of part of your body.   

For most people, this is an invisible energy system. 

Some people can feel and see chakras.

There are 7 major charkas in a body – root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. 

Every organ has chakras too. There are as many as about 200 chakras in one body. 

It delivers subtle energy to its related organs and throughout the whole body. 

Based on Taoist, there are other types of energy channels in a body too. 

Subtle energy flows to the rest of the body through these channels. 


7 major chakras may rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

When one rotates charkas clockwise, the body inhales subtle energy.

When one rotates charkas anti-clockwise, the body exhales subtle energy.


Seven major charkas indicate the health status of our organs.

It also represents one’s personalities and shows the conditions of one’s spiritual development.

Seven Major chakras And Their Relationships With Personalities

The first chakra is called root chakra.

It is red in colour.

It is related to self, materials, physical family and ability to provide necessities.

When this chakra is big and highly activated, the person will be full of energy.

He or she will be walking around and working for a whole day without feeling exhausted.


The second chakra is called sacral chakra.

It is orange in colour.

It is related to money, sex, power and control.

When this chakra is big, he or she may have a great desire of sex.


The third chakra is called solar plexus chakra.

It is yellow in colour.

It is related to the emotion of oneself such as self-confidence and self-respect and sensitivity to criticism.

When one is angry, the subtle energy of anger will be venting out and transfer to others through this chakra.

When one hides feelings, the size of this chakra tends to be smaller comparing to the rest of one’s major chakras.


The fourth chakra is called heart chakra.

It is green or pink in colour.

It is related to love, harted and resentment towards others.

When one resents others, this chakra will be congested with sadness subtle energy so it becomes much bigger than the rest of major chakras.

It also represents compassion and forgiveness.


The fifth chakra is called throat chakra.

It is blue in colour.

It is related to self-expression, creativity and judgment.

When one likes to express oneself through conversation, this chakra tends to be bigger and active.


The sixth chakra is called third-eye chakra.

It is purple in colour.

It is related to intellectual ability, emotional intelligence and truth.

When one has higher ability to lead and coach others, this chakra tends to be bigger and active.


The seventh chakra is called crown chakra.

It is white in colour.

It is related to faith, spirituality and devotion.

A person who has a bigger crown chakra tends to have a higher connection with divinities.

They may be more interested in spirituality and have done spiritual practices.


A person will be healthy when these seven chakras are spinning smoothly and chakras are neither congested nor depleted.

Personalities either destroy or maintain the balance of the seven major chakras.

Chakra, Personality And Sickness

If you have read my story, in past, I had a difficult relationship with a colleague.

I have forgiven her and confessed that I made her mad at me.

There should be nothing left about her in my etheric body.

When I was studying a course provided by a pranic healing center, I was taught how to eliminate sadness subtle energy in one’s body.

I expelled the sadness subtle energy about her in the class.

I was surprised that I had expelled the energy more than 3 times to cleanse my etheric body.

My assumption was that when I forgave her, the sadness subtle energy would not reside in my body.

That was false.  I still needed to eliminate the energy and to expel it from my solar plexus chakra.


Based on this experience, I have learnt that I hid my sadness because I endured and did not talk about it that much.

Therefore, the sadness subtle energy resided in my solar plexus chakra.

This sadness subtle energy also blocked part of the energy system in my etheric body.

Continuous sadness and hatred created illnesses manifested in my physical body

– I had sever eczema. My abdominal skin became red and swollen many times.


What will happen if I express the sadness feeling and tell friends about it?

Will the sadness subtle energy be accumulated in a body?

It still resides in the body. Meanwhile, you are spreading this energy to others when you tell the story to your friends.

Chanting certain types of mantras can cleanse the energy blocks.

Visualization and the power of mind can also remove the energy blocks.

If you still resent, you have still created the sadness subtle energy in the etheric body.

The ultimate solution is to control your mind, forgive enemies and let go of resentment.


Seven major chakras are one of the indicators of personalities and sickness.

Personalities and sickness are interrelated.

That is why most spiritual masters and gurus said that we should learn to be more compassionate and show unconditional love.

To be compassionate and showing unconditional love is not only doing it for others but also for yourselves.

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