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28 Feb 2016  Posted in Mind & Body

In 2014, I wrote articles about alternative causes of sickness and alternative healing methods.

Healthiness is still one of the lessons in my life and my health is improving since I have learnt spirituality in 2012.

I am reviewing and supplementing the importance points about sickness and healing.


Causes sickness


I am still agreeing with the causes of sickness I wrote in 2014.

Now, the picture the causes of sickness is more complete and the causes of sickness are mainly divided into three aspects:


1)     Functions Of Organs


Types of sickness can be cause be malfunctions of human organs.

That is what we can learn from the findings of medical science.

I am going leave all readers to research and study them yourselves.


2)     External factors


The pollution of physical level and subtle energy level are external factors.

Physical level is related to environmental pollution.

Part of food and water are contaminated in the world.

If one has eaten the contaminated food for a period of time, hazardous substances and metals are accumulated in a body.

One needs to do a lot of researches to realize the existence of those substances.

Love to eat is human nature. When one loves to eat, one is easily ignoring the actual ingredients of food and how the food affects a body.

There is a Chinese saying “病從口入“ meaning sickness starts from eating.


Subtle energy level is related subtle energy pollution of food.

All sources of hazardous subtle energy are unknown.

I have learnt that one of the sources of hazardous subtle energy is negative emotion.

When one intensively thinks about something which is negative, negative thoughts will be formed and transfer to surroundings including food.

Our energy body can be able to expel the subtle energy of negative thoughts.

It can be expelled through heart chakras, mouths and anuses. 

The positivity and happiness help to expel the subtle energy of negative thoughts.

The accumulation of negative thoughts will gradually cause e.g. cancer.


3)     Personal Factors.


First internal factor of sickness is related to mentality.

Happiness is the source of healthiness.

As explained in point 2, negative thoughts generated hazardous subtle energy.

When the accumulated level of the hazardous subtle energy is high, it will cause sickness including cancer.


Second internal factor of sickness is related to spirit orbs.

If the spirit orbs are one’s karmic debtors, the debts will be paid in form of one’s sickness.

Any types of sicknesses can be caused by spirit orbs.


Once, I stopped chanting several mantras except one mantra.

I kept doing so for few days and then I had flu.

I had back pain on the second day and felt a bit relieved after listening to a song sung by a spiritual master …….

-        the master transferred me sacred energy through the voice which healed everyone’s mind including the mind of karmic debtors.  When the mind was healed, karmic debtors were willing to leave my body.

At that point, I found out the main cause of flu was my karma (Karmic debtors) in that case.

Then, I chanted Arya Sanghata Sutra which took 4 hours to finish and I had been recovered when I completed chanting the Sutra one time.

Sutras are very strong alternative “medicine”.



Studying and finding out the right causes of sickness can make healing more effective.

I will end this article by stating my personal experience of healing.


Since November 2014, I am trying to heal mild muscle pain around the lower back of my spine.

Parts of the information below is related to essential oils so I have declared that


Statements and products made in this blog post about essential oils are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.  The information in this article is intended for informational purpose only and is not intended as substitute for medical advice.  Please consult your physician on specific medical questions or prior to stating health regime.  We make no representations or warranties and assume no liability with respect to any action, use or misuse of any information contained here.


I have been putting essential oils on my back to heal mild muscle pain.

At the beginning, I used the essential oils which eased the pain and made muscle tissues relaxed.

Meanwhile, I ate a kind of supplement to improve the quality of my bone.

The muscle pain reduced 50% for first 2 months but the improvement was stopped afterwards.

Then, I intuitively wanted to eat an essential oil blend which was formulated to remove parasites not all essential oils are edible.

It has been the second month that I am eating the essential oil blend now.

No dead parasites were found along with my excrements.

However, there was so much subtle energy which was black in colour being removed (black subtle energy represents Qi of sickness).

I also ate some supplements to give my body energy to heal.

Since then, the muscle pain has been greatly reduced.

Through this experience, I find out…


-        Some energy channels of my energy body have been blocked causing sickness.

-        Accumulation of energy blockages was caused myself and some of subtle energy came from a place where I was working for 10 years.

-        The level of energy blockages was quite high that skin of my forehead has turned into light black in colour.

-        My body needs much more energy to remove the blockages.


The remedy to heal my muscle pain and clear my stuffy nose is to cleanse the energy channel of my energy body.

Sufficient supplements should be taken to give my body energy to remove energy blockages and heal.

If there is enough time, practising Yoga and Qi Gong can also help to cleanse and remove energy blockages.

All of these should be done at the same time to increase efficiency of healing.

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