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5 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

Are you working for living or for existing? 

Working for living is that you love your job. 

You are paid to do jobs you really like. 

You are interested in the jobs.


Working for existing is that you do your job so that you can pay for all you living expenses.

You may not be interested in your job.


If you are working for living which is a full time job or a part-time job, I am really happy for you.

If you are working for existing, please would you search for a career for living as soon as possible.

Even though you are satisfied with current situation, please try to search.


Life is impermanence and constant change.  Seize the time.  Seize the chance.

Why are we living in this country?  What is the purpose of our life?

If your answer is unknown, try to find the answers.

There are people working from nine to five and going out to play with friends at sparse time.

Is that all?


If you are unhappy with your jobs and murmuring every day, it is the time to think about whether you are on the “right” track of life or not.

When your career path is full of obstacles, you may be out of the “right” track.

Before changing your career path, it is better check whether you are on the “right” track or not.

How do you check it out?

Listing your skills at which you are good.

Finding tasks or jobs in which you are interested.

Taking trials by developing another career based on your skills you are good at and things you are interested in.

If you are doing another career with flying colours, this indicates it is the “right” track for your career.


In some cases, you may be unable to turn it into a full time career.

Go with the flow.  You may have something which is more important in your life.

Keep both careers for living and for existing.


What can you do if you have tried to develop other careers having many obstacles throughout the whole processes?

Read books from people who are talking about success.

My posts - Factors Of Success,
Wealth and Success Come From Purified Mind,

Mental Health: Eliminate Personal Problems by self-communication,

Efficiency: How Do You Take Data and Convert It Into Knowledge and Insight,

Four tips on Effective Positive Affirmations

also explain the key factors of success and the methods to achieve a successful career.

Then, nurturing a compassionate mind and show your kindness selflessly through donations, charities, volunteer jobs, etc.

This will help you to smooth away obstacles in future.


Interests, talents and passions are key factors of finding a career for living.

A successful career is that you are providing services and products which are good for and required by all human beings selflessly.

Your selfless kindness for all human beings will be the power house of a sustainable career.

If it is a unique career which is beneficial to all human beings, be courageous and do it.

You will get assistance when you really need it for helping others.


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