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16 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

“Human Design: Discover The Person You Were Born To Be” explains the personality of every person has been designed. 

Personality is related to Astrology, Chakras (or energy centres) and I-Ching.

It explains how personality is designed scientifically. 

It also helps the readers to understand more about characters themselves so that they can leverage the life of careers and relationships.


The book provides its website where you can download a free software.

Once the software is installed, you enter the data of your birthday.

Then a life chart is generated. 

On both sides of a life chart, there are 2 lists of astrological signs, numbers of gates and a smaller number on the right hand side of each number of the gate.  One set of the list is related to conscious mind and the other set of the list is related to unconscious mind.

Origin Of Life Chart

Life Chart represents the chart of an energy body of a person.

It is projected based on your birthday so it is related to Astrology.

It cannot only tell the conscious personality but also the unconscious personality.

How Is Our Personality Formed?

There are neutrino streams in the universe.

The streams fly through planets as fast as the speed of light because they are unaffected by gravity.

When they fly to the earth, they pass through everything on the earth including human bodies.

Therefore, invisible blemishes are formed on every etheric body leading to the unique personality of everyone.

It is like DNA or finger prints.

Chakra: 9 Energy Centres And Characters 

The neutrino streams activate some chakras and open the gates and the channels in some energy centres.

There are nine chakras (energy centres) in a life chart – Crown, Mind, Throat, Self, Heart, Sacral, Emotion, Spleen and Root.

Understanding the functions of the 9 energy centres enable you to understand yourselves and how people communicate.

The nine chakras have a few gates which the numbers of gates are related to Hexagram I Ching.

Five Types Of Personalities

Based on the combination of energy centres, five types of personalities are classified including Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting generator, Projector and Reflector.


Each type of a personality is like the main theme of a person.

It shows the main attitudes of these 5 types of people.

Manifestor: do it right away.

Generator: do it when it is intuitively correct.

Manifesting generator: do it when it is intuitively correct after a trial.

Projector: do it when it is certified and you are invited to do so.

Reflector: consider to do it upon requests.

Six Centres of Authority

Based on the combination of energy centres, it also indicates six centres of authority expressing how a person makes decisions.

The six centres of authority are

u  Emotional, Feeling Clarity, Patience

u  Follow you gut

u  Spontaneous Recognition

u  Willful Manifesting

u  Recognition through Inner Self Clarity

u  29 day Review, Patience become wisdom


Each energy centre has a few gates connecting gates of other chakras.

This suggests 36 types of talents according to the activated gates and channels between 2 energy centres.

These 36 types of talents also identify explicit and implicit personalities.

Totally 64 gates are originated from hexagram I-Ching.

Each gate illustrates a character in details.

Understanding your open gates and your friend’s open gates can explain why you are more attracted by a friend and why some of your friends are more close to you.

It also indentifies the characters from conscious mind and sub-conscious mind


Life Chart shows 2 Astrological Sun signs of conscious mind and unconscious mind.

Each Sun sign is related to a number of a gate with a smaller number on the right hand corner.

These 2 smaller numbers represent one of the six lines of hexagram I-Ching.

A set of 2 smaller numbers expresses one’s behaviour, attitudes and how one communicates with others.

One can understand whether a person can get along with him (her) or not through a set of smaller numbers.


I suggest that people who are interested in the knowledge of the universe should read this book.

This book is more than just a tool identifying personality.

It explains how the ancient wisdom (chakra and I Ching) is related to a human body and personality.


Spiritual practices can change the nature of one’s energy field, the sizes of chakras and the characters of a person.

For spiritual seekers who have transformed their life, this life chart does not work out.

However, it is still a good book to read to learn more about personality and the knowledge of the universe.

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