What Makes Blessings More Effective In Smoothing Away Difficult Relationships?                                                                                                         

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Working in a company, there are people with different attitudes and values.  Conflicts among people may happen when some of them insist their principles.  That is why a term “office politics” is created.  Everyone wants to live without arguments, conflicts and problems.  In psychological point of view, everyone is unique.  Some may be able to let go after conflicts while others may not.  Even though both people want to be happy together after numbers of conflicts, they or either one of them still argues.  There are books and people saying that blessings can help to smooth away difficult relationship.  How do we bless others effectively?  You need compassion and Good Fortune.

My Experience Of Blessing Others

Once, I was working in a company being annoyed by a difficult relationship with my teammate (see my story).  Please do not get me wrong.  I admired my teammate who could insist to keep information accurate and perfect.  My teammate had a good reason to treat me differently.  I would love to live and work peacefully.   That was one of the reasons why I had started blessings together with a group of people who had arguments and conflicts with me in past.  I did it every morning and things seemed smoothing away but it was unstable.  Personally, I truly believe in kindness and hope others can live much better than I do.  Therefore, I kept blessing her.


One day, I have started spiritual practices which change my life tremendously in future.  I told a mentor, who taught me a kind of spiritual practice, my difficult relationship at my workplace.  The mentor suggested me to bless only the person with whom I had difficult relationship every morning and I did.


My life changed and miracles happened.  


Since then, my teammate never argued with me how to do a task. 


In past, my teammate would tell me her sadness stories and her difficulties at work.  Once she started talking, it would take one hour or more.  During the period of blessing her only, once she started talking, it would have stopped in 3 minutes. 


In another case, another teammate was reaching me for a difficult task and I was away so he reached her who I had only blessed every day.  Surprisingly, she did the task without asking me for help.


When we were still working in the same company, we did not have a hard time or arguments at all.  That was so amazing.


I reported the changes to my mentor who replied “Because you have forgiven her and also because you need to have sufficient “Good Fortune” in your invisible account to make blessings more effective”


Good Fortune? What is it? How Can We Have More?

I have answers from a book called “Changing Destiny – by Venerable Master Chin Kung”.


²  Good fortune is all the goodness in one’s life.  It may manifest as happiness, friends, family, health, longevity, intelligence, prosperity, position, etc.  Good fortune is the benefit of the human and heaven realms, and can be carried with us from one life to another but it cannot help us to transcend reincarnation.


²  When our speech and actions are good, and we are dignified and considerate, it is safe to say that we will possess good fortune and a promising future.


²  Usually a person is more fortunate when tending toward kindness… “Kindness” refers to our hearts and behavior.  Truly kind people will help others even when they themselves are harmed in the process.  Those who are strict with themselves but lenient with others are bound to have an abundance of good fortune later in their lives.


I recalled my life in past.  I was a common and an ordinary person.  From Monday to Friday, I worked, ate and slept.  On Saturday and Sunday, I ate and slept.  I would use the word “ordinary” instead of “kindness” to describe myself.  I could see how much good fortune I would have when I did almost “nothing” for the people in past.  With such amount of good fortune in my invisible account, it would be bare enough to bless one person only.


Now, my life has been changing and relatively more promising as I have been following and practising moral teachings from scriptures.  In past, almost no one offered me help.  Recently, I was looking for a bottle of soya sauce in a super market.  I did not ask a staff for help but a staff approached me and said “bottles of soya source are racked over there.”.  Someone helped me without my request??   That was something which never happened in my life before.

Effective Blessing Smoothing Away Difficult Relationships Come From

n   Forgiveness and Compassion to all beings including the ones who you have blessed.

n   A purified mind which enable you to deliver the blessings quickly to the right person.

n   Affirmations to yourself every day that you are compassionate, you are blessing whole-heartedly.

n   Sufficient good fortune in your invisible account.

n   Elimination of bad Karma and accumulation of good Karma for yourself. 


[Definition of Karma: The act of doing something is called a deed the result of that deed is a Karma]


Difficult relationship is a lesson and is an opportunity to learn to improve oneself.  Detaching negative emotion from difficult relationships will lead a happier life for yourself.

Blessings everyone including your “enemies” with a kindness and selfless mind can smooth away one’s life and change one’s life.


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